Hello and my first noob questions...


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Jan 19, 2006
Hi there people,

I must commend you on this site and forum. I am brand new to gambling ( online or off ) and found your posts and info to be quite enlightening.

I found your site after being introduced to an online gambling site by an acquaintance. After joining this casino and depositing some cash I was sure to get a bonus equal to the amount of my deposit. I was very skeptical at first and did some surface searching on the reliability of this company and felt somewhat comfortable. So, I deposited my cash and promptly received my 100% bonus. After reading the "fine print", I see that I must wager my bonus 20X over to receive the cash. Ok, fine, I am not one to sweat the small stuff and understand the reasons for this stipulation. So, I decide to try gambling with the bonus and see if I can actually turn it over 20X. Well, I was able to stay pretty lucky in one of their games and I am now ahead and my initial deposit is on it's way back to my bank account. ( we''ll see by Thursday :) )

As I stated I am brand spanking new to gambling and was very skeptical about actually getting any of the winnings or the bonus. So, I started searching for answers or warnings. That is what lead me to your site here. I have been trolling through your forums and across the site and only found a small trace of the casino I got involved with. I am hoping to hear more if anyone has had experience with them. After reading here for a few days I hope to take my earnings and play at one of the recommended casinos as I find it to be enjoyable to gamble even if I am only hoping to win a little.

The Casino I started with id Casino-on-net. Yes, I read the posts about the MLM stuff and I kinda suspected as much when I first signed up. I didn't see any more really bad or really good posts about them. I am hoping to hear from anyone who has had experience with them of from any of the "experts", who post often here.

Thanks again for all the great info! Remember, don't bash the noob too much!
Be Well,
Hi and welcome to the forum,
You`ll get paid at Casino-on -Net if you meet the W&R for the bonus you received,I play regularly there and I have never had problems I`ve always been paid:thumbsup:
Good Luck!

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