Hello All!!


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Hi from So Cal. I'm completely new to the online gambling world but hope to learn the ropes quickly.

GGW Laurie

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:)hello and welcome to the forum:)..........laurie


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Welcome! Hi ya ..

Where in so cal,. if ya dont mind my asking? Me too!

I am in Lake Elsinore , up against the west mountains.. right here in Jurassic Park.. Okay not really..I don't have Dinosaurs in my yard, but I have just about everything that crawls, slithers, stinks, stings, or has 8 legs. Ick!

Anyway, just wanted to say hey, and mention I'm a neighbor.
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Hey RBD welcome and this is a good place to start. And stay. ;)

I got people in Lake Elsinore alabama. Temecula too. might even be down there for christmas. guess it's time I decided. LOL