Hello all new to site has been helpful Thanks you all.


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Hello I found this site trying to find a reputable online casino people from the USA can bet at.
I found the info informative and helpful.

I have been playing black jack for years but until this year, really started making positive progress.

I have a micro farm I'm building in its second year.

I also enjoy and have done very well at Stock trading and investing. Been doing that since 2006.

I have been a business owner now of some kind for the last 15 years here are Few things I have applied to my Black Jack game that has made a world of difference to me.

1) Patience most important.

1) A) "I'm only loosing the houses money". Wrong once that chip hits your stack it is yours! Profit yours! Moolah yours!
Change that way of thinking. Loose that herd mentality of thinking they have pounded into your brain from grade school you will improve your game and possibly your life.

2) Money management reducing risk and protecting profits.

3) Be ahead and Identify the trend.

4) Doing things different than others.

5) Have fun.

Thanks again for the oportunity to be apart of such a helpful forum.


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Welcome to the forum mate, enjoy!

The latter part of your intro sounds a bit like a quick tip self help book for BJ newbies haha...

I think I'll start with tip 5 :D


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Welcome to the forum. Most bonuses are pretty useless for the dedicated blackjack player, so read any rules for bonuses very carefully if you decide to take one.

Just curious if you prefer playing RNG roulette or you look for live dealer games?