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Hello I keep getting a message from Casinomeister saying I havent posted anything in forums before and "Alina where are you?". So here I am. Well I have posted before when I first joined but maybe it was just too long ago that its not in the records anymore. LOL! Anyhow my name is Alina and Im from California. I originally joined Casinomeister in 2007 I had heard about Casinomeister through a tournament that 3Dice was having. I decided to check it out because I was having trouble getting some money I had won from a casino. I thought I might be able to get some information in regards to that. It was a Casino Rewards Casino (Yukon Gold), it took me three months but I did get the money finally. Since I had been trying out alot of casinos it was great to have somewhere to go to find out information on the best ones to try and the ones to avoid. I love to play free tournaments especially slots.

I dont download too many new casinos anymore because I kinda got addicted to some MMORPG games. LOL! My favorite casinos that I still play every now and again are 3Dice and All Slots. Recently I have been playing Powerball with Rewards Ritches because they are affiliated with Casino Rewards. They send me free tickets sort of like lottery tickets and if I pick the winning numbers I win reward points which can be saved up and redeemed for bonus dollars for the casino. So thats pretty cool. I will be honest Im not an active member in the forums but I do visit Casinomeister every now and then to check on any new casinos and get the latest news. Anyways just wanted to say hi again and wish everyone the best of luck.


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HI AlinaLynn,

Don't feel you have to post from the messages that Bryan gives out, they are automatic responses anyway. He just wants people to contribute to the site but you dont have to by any means... many people come here just for the info.

Dont get me wrong would be great for you to come in everynow and then and say G'day but totally up to you :p




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I know how you feel, I keep getting the same message but I'm just too shy to start a thread for myself :)