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May 5, 2006
Hi all,

I have recently deposited at www.heavencasino.co.uk, playing my preffered game of BJ.

I was playing £2 per hand and feel as though I got royally screwed as I lost £70 in £1000 of wagereing. I have had freak runs like this in the past so I was willing to look past it and to just receive the bonus (£50) that was due and walk away a £20 worse off (becasue I got a bad vibe from the place).

The customer service replied to my request for the bonus almost immediately with this:


Hi Steven,

Thank you for contacting Heaven Casino Support.

We regret to inform you that we are unable to accede to your request.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us further at your convenience either via email or on our toll free number.

Best Regards,
Heaven Casino Support Team


So I replied to them - asking why not - "I have surely lost sufficient money here for you to honour the bonus.. Im not asking a lot am I?"



Thank you for contacting Heaven Casino Support.

Please disregard the previous email.

We have received your request and your account is being reviewed by our Pit Boss to determine your bonus eligibility.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us further at your convenience either via email or on our toll free number.

Best Regards,
Heaven Casino Support Team


This was over 48 hours ago, now I wouldn't normally mind if this was with a reputable casino, but I can find nothing here on casinomeister to suggest that this is a safe place to hold my funds... I have emailed them to tell them that I am posting here, but so far no response.

Please help! What should I do?

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stestretton said:
Thanks for the ever so kind PM from Slotschik I have had to edit my post to... www.heavencasino.co.uk - thanks for your kind words! :eek2:


Come back, we miss you!

You never had any probs at this site. I am sure few people will be bothered about unsubstantiated allegations posted elsewhere.

Come on guys, if you really want her to come back, get the name right first. It isnt slotchick nor slotschik.

Slotchik, please, come back and have a good time with us. We all miss you.
Regarding Heaven Casino, I have informally arranged to go and visit "Inside Gaming" who provide a managed service for this and other Chartwell casinos later this month, so if there is anything specific you'd like me to ask, please feel free to PM me. Heaven itself is a new casino - JetSet's Infopwa service released some info on both Heaven and Inside Gaming recently if you search down the Meister's News page.


Don't hold your breath, I was spammed by them yesterday. If they are based in the UK, this is not on!!!!

I have never had a relationship with them, and wonder how they got my E-mail.

If they are new, they don't seem to realise that the last thing they want to do is appear to be spamming, and screwing players from the very beginning!
I got a spam from them too.

They are something to do with something called 'Elite Club Management' - I'm not sure if that's a casino group or a payment processor, though I suspect the latter. I have played at another casino using this, but not using the e-mail address they contacted me on.
I spoke with them on the phone (again) today - they promised to ring me back tomorrow, after consulting with a manager.

I mentioned this site, but they didn't take any notice, maybe she didn't understand? On another board people have been paid no problem.

I can't find anybody to PM, and have searched all over this site for anything related to heaven - I can't find even one article mentioning them. Lesson learnt I suppose, I will note back here the outcome so others in the same situation are assured/not.
Courtesy JetSet's Infopowa service:

3 February 2006

Experienced management team announced

New managed services kid on the online gaming industry block (see previous InfoPowa report) Inside Gaming Limited has announced the launch dates for its first four managed gaming sites for clients. The new sites include one marketing and three casino/poker sites.

During the first quarter of 2006, IG is launching fully managed gaming sites for the following clients: Financial portal ADVFN will launch with ADVFN Poker.com; marketing specialist company Home-ad is launching casino and poker room Heaven.com; new UK high street bookmaker Better will be launching a Better.com branded casino and poker and promotional company Bonnevista Limited are launching their flagship European brand Lukto.

The gaming operations are all powered by Chartwell Technology software. Chartwell recently took over the MicroPower poker software developer, adding this technology to their production processes.

The launches, timed over a four-week period, introduce what IG calls its "holistic approach to managed service gaming."

CEO Chris North says: “We appear to have found a niche in the market for fully managed gaming sites where our clients are able to concentrate on their core business whilst we work in partnership to ensure that they are able to maximise the returns from their gaming products.”

Richard Hogg COO of IG said: “IG hopes to steal a march on the competition by offering a total end to end solution backed-up by cutting edge software. Before we launched our service, companies who had access to potential gaming players often had to work out their own promotion or have some good gaming knowledge before they could work with a managed service.”

The senior management team at IG can boast some useful experience: Chairman Brian Mattingley led a management buy out of Ritz Bingo, backed by Duke Street Capital in 1997. Six months later he backed the business into Gala Bingo itself being a Venture backed business. He took on the position as the Group Finance Director and led all of Gala’s acquisitions over seven years including the acquisition from Hilton of the Ladbrokes Casino Chain.

CEO Chris North has over 7 years experience in the online gaming sector where he specialises in online casinos and online poker. His last project was the successful re-launch of the At the race casino.com and its sister poker brand and he is one of the founders of the Fox Poker Club.com in Mayfair scheduled to open in mid-2006.

Richard Hogg, the COO has a professional background within the web-based IT industry. In a career that has spanned across two decades and three continents, he recently oversaw the induction of Australia’s largest independently owned sports betting company, Sport Odds, into the competitive UK market under the brand name. Super Odds is currently trading as CentreBet.

Good pedigree there, but they spoilt it by spamming for business - first impressions count, and they got off to a bad start - only compounded by seeming to upset a player from the start.

New businesses usually use "loss leader" promotions to gain a measure of goodwill. Shutting down players for seeking a bonus which is offered does not give the impression this is an operation that will keep to promises made in their advertising copy, which then renders this copy almost worthless.
Small update; still no funds and only occasional replies to emails; other forums have experienced problems also.

Does the casinomeister have any power here? Maybe if other disgruntled customers pipe up also?


be careful

I wouldn't use neteller here, this is clause 3 of the bonus T's and C's

# The welcome bonus received via funds deposited by NETELLER may be withdrawn only after an amount totalling no less than 60 times the bonus amount has been wagered. :eek:

WTF is this "we hate Neteller" crap coming from a few casinos all about!

Why Neteller, Neteller are probably the best regulated of the E-wallets, being IOM based and UK regulated.

Should casinos with any sort of anti-Neteller terms buried in T & C be avoided?, previous casinos to have these terms have turned out to be Rogued for other practices.

Most casinos prefer Neteller and will often give an EXTRA bonus for using it as it is cheaper for the casinos.

This could be a way of putting off US players, who CANNOT use the card options to deposit.
Bonus added today, maybe this site helped I don't know. Others will be along shortly (from another forum) with missing withdrawls and lost bonuses (with hideous excuses).

I have recieved over 50 spam emails from this casino. How they got 3 of my email addresses I dont know!! Obviously passed to them by one of my existing casinos/pokerrooms. Online privacy... what online privacy.
I am also having problems here. I have received my deposit back but not my winnings. I have met all the requirements and not broken any T&C's. They asked for an alternative method of payment than my card, then I asked for a cheque and they asked to confirm my address. After that they told me I wasn't going to get the winings after all. Is there anything I can do about this?!
Beware of this casino.

I deposited 200 for their 200 sign up 100% match bonus.

Wagered well over the requirement, on a variation of games and eventually cashed out 600.01 (even though I could have cashed out 700+ but continued playing).

Asked for payment be credit card. The casino paid 200 (original deposit) back by card and then requested that another withdrawal option be used.

Asked for remainder of payment (400.01) to be paid by cheque.

Then received an email saying 600.01 had been paid to credit card on 29/5/06 and the remainder of the payment would be made after bonus eligibility had been reviewed by the pit boss. Confused??

Then received another email saying that 400.01 had been dispatched to me by cheque, with the remaining 200 bonus being held until reviewed by pit boss. Confused even further???? These people had already paid me 200.

After a couple of weeks eventually received another email (still no cheque, btw) stating that after review by the pit boss the remaining 200 would not be paid to me. The casino stated bonuses are meant for genuine customers who continue playing in our casino, not for players exploiting our generous offer by playing at low risk and withdrawing money straight after the requirements have been met.

I wouldn't mind too much if I had cashed out quickly after wagering or played only blackjack... but I didn't.

Emailed back stating the above and was given this very ungenerous bonus as an apology. Up to 100/100/4000. Would I even trust them to pay me the bonus money if i completed this?!

This is not a one off case. I am a member of another forum site and this has happened to almost all players who have played with this casino.

Also having similar trouble here.

I originally deposited £200, recieved a £200 signup bonus. After exceeding the wager requirements significantly and playing mainly BlackJack. Withdrew £450. I recieved £400 credited back to my bank account fairly quickly. But obviously it was £50 short.

A few days later I recieved an email stating that the rest of my cashin was a bonus and needed review by the Pit Boss.

A week passed then I got the following email:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for playing at Heaven Casino.

We have carefully examined your bonus request but unfortunately we cannot issue your bonus.

We appreciate you have wagered the required amount but our bonuses are meant for genuine customers who continue playing in our casino, not for players exploiting our generous offer by playing at low risk and withdrawing money straight after the requirements have been met.

By this we mean no disrespect to you and we will reconsider your request at a later date if you wish to continue playing.

For reference you can read the Terms and Conditions at
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Kind regards,
Heaven Casino Support

Absoultely dreadful, I cannot understand why they are withholding £50, although by the looks of things I should be thankful they are not withholding the lot.

Definately a casino to avoid.
Who in their right mind would play there?

Whats the general rule for new casinos anyway? Is it regarded as unsafe to play at them in all cases? Clearly here I am glad I didnt.
Continue to play?

Strange how they see someone cashing out means they do not intend to play again. Of course, by "jerking around" with the player, they make this happen, and can then say "look, we told you so - he never played again".

I am afraid casinos have brought this upon themselves. I always like to make at least one cash-in as soon as possible, as this is when the "jerking around" is most likely with regard to documents, approval, finding how good they REALLY are. If they are going to be "funny", I would rather know quickly, rather than after playing for a while and brewing up a big cash-in and hitting trouble then.

These replies look as though the "pit boss" never intended to allow the bonus to be cashed in with winnings, but only when players were down overall. Effectively a sticky/phantom bonus, but they allow new players to believe otherwise. It would be interesting to see if a pure slots player would get the exact same review after winning with the bonus.
This casino has impressed no-one. The "naff" angel on the mailer was enough to me - it screamed "dodgy casino" at 100 decibels!
These jokers need to be rogued right away. What a bunch of theives. Lord they just opened up and already are screwing people.

I would no way in h.ll play at a Chartwell site.
This is absurd. The Terms and Conditions state clearly that the bonus may be withdrawn after the WRs have been met. Otherwise, a withdrawal cannot be made. In this instance a withdrawal is made and went through minus the $50 bonus. What the casino is doing is a direct violation of its own terms. The casino seems to be stupid as well as roguish if they dont even know that they have issued a bonus of $200 instead of $50. Maybe they changed their Ts and Cs recently to limit the bonus to a maximum of $50. The mind boggles.

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