heat/an slots


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Apr 19, 2002
hi i havent posted for a while anyway yesterday it was not far off 100 hear shit was it hot or what i could have lit my fag off the pavement its 9.20pm and its still baking thank god for fans, right to my question my fav slot is fruit fiesta iv been whatching and whaiting to pounce last night it was almost 37000 when i checked just now it was 15700 if it is reset 800 when someone wins it how can it be that much so soon, also i joined havana club casino beacuse its in your reputable list i played in pounds but the pounds and dollars were the same i.e $41000 on treasure nile so i was wondering if you could explain to me how this is possible when pounds and dollars are different due to the exchange rate.

ps: visited any nice castle's lately?