Heart bingo


Jun 28, 2022
Signed up to heart bingo and deposited £50 for a quick gamble. After playing a game I was kicked out and bombarded with verification requests. I sent proof of id and address with address being rejected. I left it a day as I couldn't be bothered sorting it out to come back to more requests of holding id and proof of the deposit from my bank account. I argued on chat about just closing my account and returning my deposit or withdrawing as I can't be doing with casinos that decide they want verification after a deposit (do it before)

I think its a reasonable request to just have my deposit refunded or the cash balance £44 withdrawn considering its a first deposit no bonus. I don't want to have to wait 72 hours and have to faff about verifying after I've deposited. I would of simply verified and used my £50 at a verified casino until heart verified me. Why accept the deposit if you're going to make it difficult and time consuming to even play. Whenever on chat I'm met with arrogant unreasonable Bot like talk. I know casinos can refund and withdraw without verification (although they've had proof of ID) so why are heart bingo being so awkward. As its only £50 you'd think to avoid any aggro they'd just refund and close account.

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