Heads up with Casinoluck / Next / Wildslots


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Aug 16, 2004
I have played at these casinos without any problems since the changeover but this thread has me thinking twice. Don't think I will deposit there again. Plenty of good casinos out there:thumbsup:

I have had no problems either so cant understand whats going on here. This puts me off playing also with no ERIC coming onto any of the threads now also..


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Mar 21, 2012
I also have to stress I have played and had no problems with cash out etc and been paid whiten a day.

Whats putting me off is the less frequent vists from Eric and the f4uked up terms, especially now they just updated yet still state 3 days. Why would a casino allow this to happen? This would put any new customer off plus does not put old customers at ease.

Its really alarming that the rep states one thing yet the terms another and even updated terms contradict Eric :confused: and seen first class hand that cash out is not that long for me on a number of occasions but some have said they waited longer than a day

Only thing I can think off is that the system is an auto 48hrs but the crew at theses casino's are pushing the cashouts out quicker.

I do feel for them if it is the platform that is not allowing the changes