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Jun 30, 1998
If any player ever receives an email from customer support like this, please contact me immediately.

This player won $11,000 on a $150 deposit and tried to cash out his winnings. This is the email he received.

Dear player,

This is Blah blah, your Personal Account Manager.

I wanted to personally congratulate you on your recent winnings! This is exactly what you can expect from "casino name", and there's a lot more to win!

Just consider the following:

How would you like a $2200 BONUS right now, no deposit required?

To claim this bonus is simple. Just cancel your current pending withdrawal request (11000), and I'll issue you a 20% BONUS!

Let me know if you're interested in this offer by replying to this email and I'll credit your account ASAP!

Kind regards,

Personal Account Manager
Casino Blah blah


* This offer is not valid to players who make additional withdrawal request(s) before receiving the bonus.
* Withdrawals not included in the amount cited above are not included into this offer.

I'm not naming the casino for now since this is an effort in the works at the moment. This is obviously a way that casinos will convince players not to cash out. If you are ever offered a bonus like this, ignore it and demand your winnings. Don't be a sucker.
There are two Playtech groups that send me a similar email with every withdrawal:

"Hello Nolan!

Seized your opportunities to win even more and continue withdrawing and
playing at the same time!

If you decide to cancel part of your withdrawals, I can assure you $200
FREE cash for every $1,000 that you cancel.

Up to $1,500 per day. That's 200 more chances to win BIG!

If you wish to cancel an amount below $499, you can receive 20% bonus
up to $100 a day!

To do this, please contact our online team before you start playing by
clicking the support icon at the lobby.
They will be more than happy to help!

If you see the pending withdrawals on your screen, you can cancel the
amount you wish and then make a new request with the remaining amount.
Please note that I strongly advise you to cancel a withdrawal, instead
of depositing, as it is a cost effective way for you to continue playing
and withdrawing at the same time.

Plus, you will have more opportunities to hit the Jackpot!

Nolan, if you cancel a withdrawal and receive a compensation bonus for
it, you only have to wager the bonus you received. You won't have to
wager the withdrawal amount that you cancelled.
Please keep in mind that this offer is valid for the next 24 Hours and
does not apply to future withdrawals.

Feel free to contact me if you require any assistance!

Geeze, do they think all players are retards or something?

I hope once this issue is resolved you'll name the casino :thumbsup:

Let me guess, it's a Playtech casino? :D
To claim this bonus is simple. Just cancel your current pending withdrawal request (11000), and I'll issue you a 20% BONUS!
20% is outright generous (of course, depending on the T&C) compared to the entry in a prize draw offered by Fortune Lounge.
I've had this in the past. 100% match on a 4500 cashout with some playthrough (Can't remember what it was but it was a lot). They even rang me up (International call) to check I DEFINITELY didn't want the offer. I've not played at the casino since.
Sweet! An EXTRA bonus just for risking my winnings again? Where do I sign up?!!? Think of all the extra money I could make!
I suppose online casino's don't have the same lure that land based one's do to tempt you to pour some more cash in on your walk away from the cashiers cage.. I mean, it's a lot easier to click the 'X' button in the corner of your window than stroll past a big line of slots :D

Still, it's a bit of a poor show.

I hate to say it, but Jackpot Factory had the right idea when I used to play there. They gave me a no strings bit of cash in my account when I made a large withdrawal to say "congratulations". That made sure I logged back in and played - and subsequently ended up depositing.

It's not rocket science.
I hate this crap

Looks like there was more to this than what was initially thought.

I failed to notice that the email that the player forwarded to me was from June - I was under the assumption that is was from November.

I finally got to the bottom of this. This is what happened:

The player (who I thought was an Italian player in Italy - he's in the States.) had played some bonus and won $11,000 last June. The email was sent right away congratulating him on his win (before the payout was audited), and this is what he sent to me - which I posted here.

The casino ended up denying his winnings because he played excluded games. But to appease the player's dissapointment, they gave him $2500. He withdrew $2000, and played out the other $500. Over the next few days, he made two separate deposits of $400 - so he couldn't have been too upset over this matter.

But he waits until now to email me, acting as if they were not paying his $11,000? :what: Is this a case of sour grapes or what? He's in the States and can't play at this casino anyway since it no longer accepts US players.

The operator, (like myself) saw the email for what it was. We both didn't like the language of it; I posted it, and he contacted his office to immediately pay this guy. When we realized that this email is six month's old - and that the player's issue was resloved, shines another light upon this.

I hate it when players pull these stunts.
Well, ok, aside from this player being deceptive, the fact remains that such tactics to get a player to reverse a withdrawal are unethical.

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