Heading home from Vegas - Random observations


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Dec 20, 2009
Killing time at airport waiting on flight. Came out on free Harrah's charter last Monday 10/24 --- could have returned on Friday, but nooooooooooooo had to stay longer, so bought one way ticket home on Allegiant to stay 3 more days. $149 so not too bad.

Like being able to play live poker just about anywhere, but only a few rooms have LIMIT holdem these days above $4-8 limit. Miss the old days where it was easy to find these higher limit games.

Like the fact that there are poker tourneys running 24/7 *somewhere* - especially since I can't play poker tourneys online any more.

Hate paying $14-15 per day for internet access in my hotel rooms. Yes, rooms were comped, but internet wasn't. $15 bucks seems like highway robbery

Halloween is a crazy time to be in Vegas, lots of the clubs had parties over weekend, very interesting costumes were seen all over and on the streets with the panhandlers

Got my "fix" after a week here, lonesome for family and grandkids. Will be content to play at indian casinos back home for awhile. Always get paid immediately upon a win.

Wondering if my JPC wire requested 10/20 approved 10/25 has arrived at bank yet?????

Rambling over............heading home



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Sep 23, 2011
North Texas
Welcome Home! Glad you had a good trip!

I haven't been to Las Vegas since summer of 2009--over two years! That is a record since 1982 for me I believe.

I hope your trip was fun and hopefully profitable. The last umpteen times I went to Vegas, City Center was still under construction. I definitely paid for a little slice:eek2:. Of course, it has now been open for nearly two years.

I'm sure Aria is just another mega casino with high minimums on the Blackjack games--especially if you are looking for double deck play. Still, I look forward to seeing the largest private real-estate development in history in its completion. Also, it will be nice not to have to deal with construction traffic delays on the strip. Traffic is bad enough already.

I really LOVE Red Rock Resort and Green Valley Ranch off strip. Have you ever tried either of them?


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Nov 18, 2006
Hey Diane, I hope you had a great time!

I gotta admit I'm a little green with envy. lol

I've been once, I loved it! Hopefully I can go back some day.

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