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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
Blue Square (flash) casino has recently modernised their web-page layouts which has resulted in an unfortunate downgrade to their banking screen.

When I go to it I get a muddled up screen which has somehow got content from another web page overlaid on it - see screenshot.
I can click the left & right-hand buttons, but the middle three are dead which means I can't transfer funds in/out of my account.

This is obviously a problem at their end, so I was totally gobsmacked at the reply to my e-mail pointing out their problem...

Hi ,

Thank you for your email....

When you login initially, your browser should store a login cookie, which is resubmitted when you access secure pages (i.e. Deposit, Update Details, Password/PIN). If you browser is set up not to store cookies you will be denied access to secure areas of the site.

We recommend accessing the Privacy/Security settings of your browser.

Firstly, you will need to access 'Internet Options' which can be found under the 'Tools' section (Located in the horizontal menu across the top of your browser).

Secondly, (Having accessed 'Internet Options') we recommend you select both the 'Security' and the 'Advanced/Privacy' sections and 'Restore Defaults' in both sections.

Thirdly, we recommend deleting your 'Temporary Internet Files'. This option is found under 'Delete Files' (Also located in 'Internet Options').

Restoring default settings and restarting your P.C is probably the best way of resolving this problem. Our site is designed to run on popular browsers in a default state.

Kind regards,

Customer Service Team

They are talking about denied access, which I never said anything about!
I can access the blinking screen - but it's all messed up!

I tried logging in on a couple of other PC's - and it's exactly the same.

Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know if there's anything the player can do to cure it - or do you think it's all down to Blue Square to sort?
I noticed the redesign a few days ago. It was a bit glitchy ,but eventually I could play there...however just checked the banking section after reading this & I get the same.

Apparently one cannot deposit or withdraw. I guess they should sort it out quickly or it could cause them some headaches.
I had this problem before - what I did to resolve it was to confirm my details in 'payments' section, which stopped it form coming up anymore.

KK - I have seen this before, and I suspect it might be related to incompatabilities between some of the HTML or scripting in the webpage and IE. These are a couple of known issues with IE not adhering to the standard forms for HTML interpretation (as Bill sees himself as arbiter of what is, and is not, "standard"). It might be worth trying an alternative browser to see if the page displays correctly. There are also some Windows settings that can affect the way a web page displays on an individual PC - they involve either allowing fonts etc to be displayed as specified in the web page or translated to a user defined font and character size by the Windows OS (This feature is used for people with dificulties, such as poor eyesight, colour vision, or a crappy monitor!)

Resetting the browser to defaults can cause problems due to the sophistication of Malware, which is designed to get past "default" and infect an unprotected PC. It is up to website designers to make their sites compatable with the security measures now necessary for safe surfing. I tweaked my own browser from default years ago when I was hijacked to a porn site from a MUSIC FILE I was playing in Windows Media Player. It was only my disabling of "fly by" ActiveX that prevented the porn attack from invading completely!

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