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Liberty Slots !st time depositer

Hi, To all I am so excited to share......... I finally won after microgaming casinos banned us players. I have played at only casinomeister accreited casino like clubworld for example and buzzluck and lost everytime. I have came across the forum on liberty slots. I was a little nervous but played the free 25.00 no deposit . I love the selection of games. I deposited 45.00 played less than an hour and won over 400.00 on slots. I will try and withdrawl after I try a few more games..... i feel lucky here already. Like fianlly a place I can play and not feel cheated. The games seem fair and the wins are nice. Not like other places I have played that I break even or win nothing at all. I believe this is my new fav casino. I will keep you posted on payout process. FYI i deposited using a visa. NO Problems.:thumbsup: so far so good. Just thought I'd share!!!!! Good luck.
Congrats Gitalee..I am happy you are having such good luck there. I have never had any luck at with Vegas Tech software..But decided to give this a try..Well, I have made 6 deposits (average 75.00 to 100.00 each, I play 1.00 per bet) and cannot even get any play time..Would you please tell me what games you are playing..I know someone else was doing really well at this casino also..Love to know what everyone is playing.

I also made several deposits to the new Lucky Club.lIt is fun to have some totally different games to play, so sick of RTG and cannot deposit at 3dice right now..However, not luck there either..When you do hit a bonus rounds it pays very little..Easy to deposit though with Visa, just like Liberty Slots...Good luck to all..
No secret and don't always win.....

Are you still winning all the time?

I've never done well at Vegas Tech casinos, and I know others who haven't either. Did you manage to do a Markus and build your own client? ;)

Must be some kind of secret to it.

Did you manage to do a Markus and build your own client?
I have no idea what this means or what a Markus is.
I don't win all of the time. Certain games have a better payout IMO. You learn things when you have played the games so much. Such as size of bet to make, what games are duds and which are paying on lower line bets and so on. sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong, but I usually only deposit $50.00 to begin with until I see how the slots are paying. Maybe it is just a hunch?

Funny how sometimes I swear at the game and then hit the bonus round. Doesn't work all of the time but allows me to vent. anywho, when I do win it is usually over 1000.00 and it is pure luck:)
Hi sorry it's been awhile since i have been on here. I just sent in documnetation waiting on approval cashed out 150.00~still have 300.00 in acct. waiting...waiting..we will see.
I have no idea what this means or what a Markus is.
Markus was a member here, until he got banned (last month?) for admitting he used his own "client software" to place bets at a casino which would have been impossible if using the casinos own client.
i.e. He was winning by cheating!

Well gave up on Lucky Club, just ate my bankroll over and over again..Have been playing at Buzzluck and hit 1,000.00...Have a withdrawl pending, hopefully it will go smooth:D

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