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Aug 20, 2013
New York
Hi, guys. I am a newbie slot player and I need your help. I play only free slots software and I have no experience with real casino clubs in internet (except for quasar, once I played for real money but it was my friend`s account). So, I decided to test my luck at real casino... I want to deposit at Energy casino (I just read several reviews about it) and can`t decide. Actually, I have chosen it because the site (where I play slots) writes about it and I trust them... Maybe skilled players approve or cut my choice... I am ready to read your opinions. The thing is that the soft (I got used to Novomatic software) is available only at several clubs...

Once I asked here about popular slots software... maybe I should play other slots (RTG maybe... their games look more qualitative but I got used to Novomatic games bonuses).

P.S. If my link is prohibited, delete it please.
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Feb 14, 2007
I don't think any Novomatic Casino will accept players from the USA - So you wouldn't be able to sign up if your location is correct.

Edit: That same website is also listed as YOUR domain in your profile - Who are we trying to fool here?


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