Have you heard of this "E-stadium club" based in Dominican Republic.


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Jun 14, 2004
I got a call from this guy telling me I still had $24 in my account and told me about their deposit bonuses. Well I did the wager requirement and went to cash out. They have no banking at all so I had to email them. I emailed them from their site and at a couple of my free mails (2 hotmails and a yahoo). My yahoo had my real name listed but I stuck fake ones since I didn't feel like putting my real name in those(should have just left them blank) well support told me their was a problem and had to speak to security and I eventually got security who sounded like the same guy who called me about the bonus. He told me to send my ID even though I did. So I changed the two hotmails to my name and sent ID by all three mails to show they are my mails. I don't think they are going to pay now or maybe just an excuse not pay since they can do anything they want ( well nobody had a spanish accent they just sounded southern to me. Anyone else have any experience from them. I will withdraw this statement if a get a payment but I doubt it since they have the log-in blocked via IP and if checked from another PC it is not their at all. A red flag went up when I saw something on the Dominican Republic since they are a Rogue country.
You may like to check out this thread below.
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CM has a good forum here and alot of knowledgable members too. If your ever unsure about a place check here first, then google it. If any thing is dodgy or not up to scratch I'm sure you'll find some info between the two.

Not that I use Sportsbooks but I'd be somewhat cautious of any place that did not allow or did not have access to some type of banking area to request a cashin. Having to email your request to me sounds a bit creepy.
your best staying clear of most non-uk sportsbooks, except those that you know are reputable, which is why i asked for a list of them on another thread.
are casinos associated with uk sportsbooks always reputable?

the simple answer to this is yes

although many uk establishments initially outsourced their casino operations as white label deals (some still do), on contcating the company which had licensed the name many companies honoured their payments.

the biggest example was gala casino, owned by st miniver which deservedly had a casinomeister warning (or was it vortran), in the end after loads of problems as far as i know everyone was paid after contacting gala, despite gala having nothing to do with the company apart from leasing the name.

but considering such earlier examples, most UK firms run their casinos operations now,if you ran into one where you had problems and were legitametly owed money, the parent firm would always pay you out, and there are many precedents in the UK business where firms will pay you out even if the company goes bust and owes you money.
are casinos associated with uk sportsbooks always reputable?

Because gambling is a legal occupation in the UK (and much of Europe) the size and reputation of the big players in the industry is also their biggest asset.

They make sure that things are right - and you simply do not get any of this "slow-payment" once-a-month installment crap either.

Remember that over a billion pound - US$1.6b - was wagered on he recent World Cup in Germany and you'll understand that these places are a lot bigger than the fly-by-night casinos that have cash-flow problems.

Here's a list of the bookies I trust
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And many of them have reputable and reliable Casinos and Poker offerings too
(see them in the casino and poker sections).

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