Have you ever played MG max bet by mistake?

Have you ever played max bet at MG by mistake?

  • I'm a high rollin. max bettin superstar and always use max bet anyway so no problem

    Votes: 5 7.6%
  • Nope never, I am careful with my money!

    Votes: 9 13.6%
  • Yeah once or twice but I won! Woohoo!

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Yes but it it is just one of those things

    Votes: 38 57.6%
  • Yes, more than once and I feel like I have been ripped off!

    Votes: 11 16.7%
  • This should not even be up for discussion, max bet is fine.

    Votes: 1 1.5%

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Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
Having tore through another bankroll in a few spins playing max bet by mistake thus destroying my low rolling fun I decided it was time for a poll.

We have discussed before whether the max bet button has any use other than ripping people off but if it does would it really be so hard to have a pop up asking for confirmation you want to max bet the first time we use it in a session on a slot?

MG of course always ignore any advice that comes their way which is why their market share is shrinking and competitors are eating into their profits - it must also be the reason why the max bet button is still as close to the start button as possible without any safety net to protect punters making bets they do not wish to with one click of the mouse.

This is not a trivial matter either as a typical situation will have me playing a 25 line slot at 9 lines and 1 coin = 45c but if I hit bet max I might play 25 lines at 20 coins = $25.00
It gets better(worse) because I do not need to hit the bet max again to compound my error as if I have not noticed my my mistake for that 1 spin and now correctly use the start button I am still unwittingly playing over 50X as much as I wish every spin!
This is easily done when you play long sessions but let's find out how easy with a poll.


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Mar 13, 2008
I don't do it often, but it happened just last night. And I am not dead certain I hit it by mistake. I'd left a game I was playing to make a cashout. Came back to the game, thought I was betting 9cents a spin...saw a $2.00 win, wondered what I had hit and realized that bet was at 20 coins, or $1.80. It was just a couple of spins into a very low balance, greatly diminished by bets 20x my intention. But I may have hit it accidently, or touched my spacebar.

It is not just MG. Relative to the number of spins I've made, it's small. Intercasino does not retain your last bet size if you leave a game. I've done it at 3Dice a few times, and only once got most of my bet back.

I've done it more than once at B&Ms. Some games are worse than others to hit it by mistake. And some mistakes cost much more than others.

Only once did I get lucky on such a spin... $1000 on a $11.25 bet at a quarter machine.

The B&Ms here do not yet have autospin, so mistakes are not compounded by autoplay. That one really hurts.

4 of a kind

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Mar 11, 2009
New York
Wonder how this thread would read if you were able to post a screen shot of a huge hit with max bet by accident?

Sorry I'm a fan of player's responsible. If fatigued maybe should of pulled the plug earlier.


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Jan 21, 2009
somewhere else
I did it last night at an MG on purpose and this morning made a pretty damn good cash out. Actually 2 cash outs turned into 1 :)


Aug 16, 2008
I'm so used to the space bar to spin at rtg's I forget when I'm playing in MG casino's. I play's the max and I'd be watching the win and would wonder to myself how on earth am I winning so much. But the real shocker was when I looked at how my money was depleted.


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Jun 19, 2009
I have played max purely by accident, thank goodness I caught it right away. One of my cats stepped on my space bar and it bumped me to max bet. Before that I hadn't realized the space bar would change the bet.
Hmm, funny, even a cat can teach a people something new ;).

De Beuker

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Apr 20, 2009
Wonder how this thread would read if you were able to post a screen shot of a huge hit with max bet by accident?

Sorry I'm a fan of player's responsible. If fatigued maybe should of pulled the plug earlier.

Thats easy for you to say.
With all respect, but you're a highroller who only plays videopoker at max. bet, so its not really a problem for you.
For a lowroller like me its not really fun to see my balance decreased by 50% because my mouse didn't respond properly.
They could have placed that button a little less close to the START button.
And then there's another thing.
Lets say I'm playing with a 25 deposit with a 25 matchbonus.
Balance going down fast, only 20 bucks left, then I press 'bet max' accidently, 12,50 a spin.
3 scatters!! FREE SPINS!!:eek:
Big fat payout, 100x bet is $1250.- WOOHOO!! Me very HAPPY!!:D
Just to see my winnings confiscated because HEY, I was betting more than 35% of my bonus on a single spin!
Ooh, me not at all happy... :(

Bet max s.u.x.!


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Mar 4, 2007
G'day Rusty, hope your keeping well mate :thumbsup:

Yep the Very first time Ive ever played online was a MG casino, Del Rio to be exact- it was both my mother and I- we deposited $100 and got the 1005 bonus, we went stright to slots and had two spins, yes thats right, two spins on some slot which I forget now and that was it, we tried to spin again and thought what the hell is ging on here.

Contacted customer support and was told that we bet $90 per spin, I tried to explain we only had $200 and who in there right mind would do this for two spins, long story short they didnt care and my mother has never gambled online since.
The funny thing is she LOVEs slots and had Del Rio on her computer for a good year playing for fun prior to us playing for real money, they are idiots becuase they lost her as a customer and she would have deposited so much more if we managed to get some playtime, so there loss in the end.

What does shit me though is when you do play and you set it to the bet you want, you play some then leave for a few days, you come back and it's set high again, tha there tells you it IS deliberate.

If you go to a B&M and deposit money in and then just push go does it ask you for the amount you are wishinig to bet prior to it starting?.

Sorry im hungover on moonshine so probably everything I just said doesnt make any sense.


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Oct 11, 2006
I've accidently clicked the max button and I've even accidently clicked on the games button when I wanted to click on spin.

Of course I hit the max button when I was low on $$ and clicked the games button when the damn thing was paying or in a free spins bonus round,
only to restart the game and watch it go ice cold.


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Apr 2, 2007
In most times I lust been clicking on "SPIN" button without seeing the actual coin size :D


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Nov 17, 2008
I haven't done this at MG, but I did at PartyCasino.

At PartyCasino the Max Bet is set to the Maximum stake of the machine (not just the coin size you are currently playing).

So I was happily playing 90 cent bets and then a little miscalculation of the mouse pointer and whack $90 gone from my balance.


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
Seems I'm in the majority, because I voted Yes, several times but it's just one of those things.
Never hit anything big doing it either, which is also just one of those things.

I don't mind the Max Bet button being where-ever.
The only software I don't like for this button is 3Dice; I always want to use it because their slots are MORONICALLY set to one 1 win-line every time you visit each slot, and I just want to bet straight away on max lines. Trouble is, the minimum you can set this to on the slots I like best is $2.50/spin = too high for me. :mad:



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Jun 16, 2005
I haven't done this at MG, but I did at PartyCasino.

At PartyCasino the Max Bet is set to the Maximum stake of the machine (not just the coin size you are currently playing).

So I was happily playing 90 cent bets and then a little miscalculation of the mouse pointer and whack $90 gone from my balance.

I did this once and was very turned off, closing out my account. It's so far from the right functionality it makes me wonder what else is poorly designed in their casino.


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Apr 9, 2006
Interesting discussion, I have always felt that the MG maximum bet button is far too close to the spin button, and even worse is the double up button is even easier to inadvertently press. Although I have never accidentally pressed the maximum bet button, I have unwittingly pressed the double up button after a bonus round which paid 102.00 which I subsequently lost!

I have also played many spins before realising that I am betting far too low for what I wanted, all it takes is a momentary lapse in concentration.

It is annoying that the default bet level when entering a slot keeps changing, it should ideally be set at your last bet amount. It is hard to see how MG will completely eliminate accidental spins, other than have a popup confirmation box between spins, and no player in the world would want this, as it would be far too cumbersome.

One option for MG to consider is to have a popup warning if the stake level is at a certain percentage against the bankroll. An example of this is in Blackjack where if u try and play on a hand of 17 or more, you will get the "are you sure" warning. This prevents an accidental mistake from occurring.

Online slot playing is all about good concentration levels, and watching that stake amount like a hawk, that is why playing tired or under the influence is never a good idea. You may well be able to beat the casino now and again with 96% RTP, but you will find it even harder to beat them with 96% concentration.



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Sep 27, 2008
Wageningen, Netherlands
Ive only done this once in a B&M casino in Slovakia. Betting 8 euro instead of something like 20 cents. I had been losing all along, but suddenly I won 80 euro back on the 8 euro :D


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Dec 25, 2005
I don't play Max bets by mistake, 99% of the time I play what most probably consider high rolling.

favorite game bets:

Break Da Bank Again
$18 & $22.50

$10 - $25 - $62.50

Got some nice wins in the winners screen shots





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Apr 4, 2008
Ive really only had this happen at a B&M, and it reallly payed off actually.

It was my first trip to Vegas, and I was wandering around MGM at 11am basically in awe of everything around me. We had a few hours to kill before our room was ready so I wandered up to the first video poker machine I saw and stuck a hundred in. It was a 50 hand and for some dumb reason I assumed I was playing pennies so I hit bet max. Actually it was a quarter machine so I was in shock as I saw I placed a $62.50 bet! Lucky for me I was dealt 3 aces on double double bonus game so I walked away with a nice sum on that 1 spin (I think I hit 4 aces on 2 hands). Too bad the rest of my stay wasn't as pleasurable:rolleyes:

As far as online, I have actually made more mistakes betting LESS than I intended to instead of MORE. (and I am no high roller by any means)


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
I often play high on purpose, but when playing far fewer coins than the max hitting this button can have severe consequences, especially that you have to reset your original bet pattern again, meaning you have to notice the mistake first, rather than just hit the correct button the next time.

Having the button so close to the spin button is the problem, and it is WORSE in the new lobby, since sometimes my pointer misbehaves ONLY when it is over the MGS screen, and I can move & click, only to find the action has not been correctly reproduced, and I have clicked the wrong place, which could be the max bet instead of spin, OR double instead of Autoplay (done that once because of the new lobby and "funny" mouse behaviour, and lost).

The other problem raised is the max bet rule, it is easy to do this by MISTAKE because of deliberate design features, and although the casino will refuse to refund the bet because of "well, you could have won, and I bet you wouldn't give it back", they WILL look at confiscating winnings were you to accidentally hit max bet, win, but in doing so make that winning bet over the max allowed. I am sure that this will eventually happen, and reignite this issue yet again. This issue often gets reignited when a player has just lost a fortune because they didn't spot their game had gone to max bet for several spins.
Perhaps PLAYERS should be able to use "options" to set the maximum THEY are prepared to bet on different game categories, and the bet allowed would be the LESSER of the house limit and the player limit. This option would ALSO be useful when playing a bonus, as players could then reset this so that they couldn't break the terms, even by mistake. MGS have invented the "My Slot", where we can configure a slot game, so why not add this option to set our bet limits. A low roller would want different settings, and could, for example, set a max of $2 for slots, making any mistake of this nature impossible.