Have someone played at TeenPattiParty?


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Jun 1, 2006
Have someone played here? what do you think about this game? I tried to cashout 4 times after deposited as they required,but unsuccessfully. I tried to contact their Security department but no reply till now. Their online chat said it will takes 7 business days to confirm the deposit. I am so surprised!

Anyone can give me some advice?
Thanks you in advance
Did you use the ND bonus when you signed up because you must play at least 3000 hands before cashing out....

I am afraid they are a safe or not.

3000 raked hands? they also say player can cashout when they deposit,although they got the $50 ND bonus. That can be seen at their site.

Have someone cashout successfully?
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largeeyes said:
But anyways, it sounds more like a teen porn site.

I know what you mean, my boss asked me the same question when he saw the poker client name.

However, this site was designed keeping players from India as target audience.

Teen in hindi means 'Three'
Patti = Card

3 Card Poker is a big game in India and hence the name 'teenpattiparty'

i've been registrated there for over a month now..

my girlfriend loves the threecardpokerthingy they got goingon there... :confused:

Not my favorite game..

Anyway send in my id to get the bonus (twice), even send 3 emails but no ND bonus.

quess i am not from india but from holland.

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