Have been lucky and yet NOT so lucky.


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Oct 13, 2019
New Zealand
The lucky thing is that I've been playing with a $20 deposit at Casumo for 3 days and still have a $30 balance. Feels like I've been playing for at least a week. The NOT so lucky thing is that the majority of Bonus Spin payouts have been pretty dismal - so many have only been $2-3 dollars with none being more than $20 and I think only one even got anywhere near that. I think the only thing which has kept me ahead is that I rarely spend more than $2 (playing the minimum 20-30cents per spin) on any game. Now and again I keep going ($10) hoping for a change which almost never happens. Does this sort of thing happen to you? I can't help feeling that it's more than just bad luck which is returning me such awful Bonus Spin results - the last one was less than $2 from 15 Immortal Romance Bonus Spins. The good thing is that it discourages me from increasing my stakes - seen big players playing at real world casinos - winning big and losing bigger. :)
Well blow me down! The first game I played after making that post, I get a Bonus Spins collect of around $100 - that's by far the best Bonus Spins collect I've ever had. Then the next game gave me a $12 Bonus Spins collect. Didn't take long to give a good portion back though - I get a bit reckless when I'm playing with won money. Don't know why they're so stingy with RTPs on some games - they only need the tiniest advantage to win overall.
More good luck and bad luck. Had my best ever collect of around $300 playing the minimum although that minimum was higher than usual at 60cents a spin. That was exciting and fun. Unfortunately there's been absolutely no fun for me after that. Have returned $140 with very little effort. Not so bad because it was won money anyway but still no fun not winning occasionally. It's back to no bonus spins or bonus spins returning sweet FA.
I had a reasonable collect from Gonzo's Quest prior to my $300 win on Legacy of Egypt. Also had other reasonable collects on other games with matching losses of course. Low collects on bonus spins make me play cautiously most times - what's the point of chasing bonus spins if the collect is possibly gonna stink. That's a good thing really. Don't want to be encouraged to play and lose more than I'm happy with losing. lol

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