Have anyone ever hit the wrong button


Dec 6, 2004
Parts, Unknown
on a winning hand? I actually hit the fold button while playing texas hold'em a few days or so ago. I had pocket Aces and was down to the river. I had the winning hand and hit fold instead of bet ($400 pot).

A few months ago I was playing RTG Blackjack $25 bet got dealt 20 and pressed the hit button instead of stand and busted out?

Have anyone ever folded a jackpot hand or anything that made them mad as hell?

Yep, I did it once on a royal while my husbund was talking to me, thought i held it. I also hate when you are playing in a casino where you are betting mabey 2.25 a hand and accidently hit bet max and bet 25 bucks. I wasted my bank roll once doing that not realizing I was hitting the max botton .

Yep, playing BJ a few times...

And I think it's pretty shitty that these software providers (most of them) don't want to waste their time to put a few lines of code in there to pop up a window asking if you're sure you want to hit that 17-20. There's a few that do, but not many.

It just goes to show you that they want to take advantage of those misclicks.

You never know though - I'm sure if you were playing at a reputable casino and folded a royal playing VP, or hit a hard 18-20 in BJ then immediately contacted support, they may do something about it. Even a non-BJ/VP player would know that you didn't mean to make that decision.
Happens to me all the time when I play 8+ tables of poker.......good thing Im not playing high stakes :D
I hate that the Max Bet button is right beside the Spin button for that reason.

Also, when playing VP I have accidently hit the Double up button after a good win. Had 4 - 3's playing Bonus Poker, phone rang, screwed up and hit Double up and lost.

Hell, playing at a brick and mortar casino a few weeks ago, I doubled-down on a hard 5, and I thought I was card-counting!

I swear I thought it was a 9.
I just had my biggest wrong button mistake ever a few minutes ago. I was measuring the max rate of blackjack play with RTG software. I switched to practice mode, selected the max bet of $100 per hand (low max bet at this casino), then played as many hands as I could in one minute. I gained ~$500 in this one minute and drew several BJs. I thought to myself that practice mode may have better odds than real mode. It would be great, if this happened when I was playing for real. Then a few minutes later, I realized I hit the wrong button... I was not playing in practice mode, I was playing in real mode!
anyone who has gambled online has hit the wrong button at one time or another

Though ever heard of guys playing live webcam blackjack claiming to hit the wrong button by splitting K-K or doubling Q-9 and getting 29? Saw that at a Costa Rica table and the guy swore it was a mistake. Kind of messed up the hand for the others.

P.S. say hello to the new avatar! Cute huh? :)
The most recent that I can think of was live, last night B&M, omaha/8, folded the 6-2 straight on the river. No bet on the river, I didn't see it till' the dealer had already pushed the pot in two directions.
Woulda been good for high and low:mad:

Worse than any misclick I have ever had online. INSTA-TILT

Online many times in VP, BJ, and multitabling poker. Gotta slow down.

Been awhile but I remember a misclick on Will Hills BJ game, betting either 2 0r 5 GBP, and accidently hit the 75 GBP button, then the deal button. Then to make matters worse. Got a defensive split or weak double [ can't remember which ]to magnify the f**kness of the suckness. OUCH

A few days ago I managed to double down on hard 13, 15 and 16 in the space of a few minutes. It was a clear sign that it's time to stop gambling.

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