has online gaming gone to the dogs?

Are you being served better or worse by online casinos now compared to when you started?

  • More or less the same. I see no significant change.

    Votes: 12 7.0%
  • I'd say better. Maybe you need a vacation.

    Votes: 4 2.3%
  • A bit worse maybe but not a big deal IMO.

    Votes: 30 17.4%
  • Worse, much worse. Maybe we both need vacations.

    Votes: 118 68.6%
  • "Online Casino"?!? I thought this was a pizza delivery service.

    Votes: 8 4.7%

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Good one. Reported to Cashmio's affiliate manager for posting spam in this forum. I'm guessing that's a violation of their terms and conditions. Bummer for you.
Or the casino has implemented ridiculous KYC rules that have nothing to do with customer safety or satisfaction and everything to do with the casino making the withdrawal process as painful as possible in the hopes that Joe/Jane Average Player will get so frustrated that they just reverse the withdrawal and end up playing their winnings away. Result? Pissed off and poorer customer.
I have a horrible story about stupid KYC laws, which is a few years (2019) old but I believe many gamblers are still dealing with.
I lost about 1500 euros in one day in that casino playing Monopoly, the worst live show you can encounter. At the end of the day (or night), I hit *800 with the last eurs on my account, and I was able to cashout around 900 eur without any issues.

I played "monopoly" for a few days in a row, every day, and I lost over 4000 euros. Finally, I got *1700-1800 *7 EUR...and now the real story begins.

I pressed the withdraw button... Please send us your KYC... That's what they asked for, so I did it.

"Pictures aren't good..." (even on my newest Samsung phone, which had one of the best cameras in the world)...so we played the "not nice pictures" game three or four times... = 2 days.

What happened after that:

1. Send us utillity bill in PDF, not in JPG
2. Next day: Send us utillity bill in jpg, not in PDF
3. No, no you need to take picture with phone of PDF printed on paper, and send to us...(that's literally and basically making a fool of me or you).

That was going like 3-4 days (utillity saga), I give them all kinds of utility bills that you can imagine for one household. ...i was so pissed off but i was holding my hands...

After the utility bill saga ended, a previously approved and recognized debit card in KYC became a KYC issue... I deposited with two different visa cards...so they demanded that I submit an image of a third debit card from a different bank...!!!
"We need that as KYC proof because you used two different cards to deposit, and we need a third to ensure that all cards are yours, bla bla, bla, bla..." what a load of nonsense, right?
I had an expired card from another bank, so I simply used Photoshop to make it not expired (I was so pissed off, I said that)...
The real joke is that they didn't even notice the photoshoping, and they easy accepted false document... and finally approved my withdrawal 5 minutes after I sent them an image of my expired debit card, and I received my 10,000 euro payout after nearly two weeks of KYC horror.

I immediately closed my account in that casino after verifying that my funds were in my bank account.

I didn't mention the name of the casino, but if someone insist, I can say it. By the way, this wasn't and still is not a shady casino.
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its bullshit.... as a higher stakes player its a total load of fucknuts wankfest bullshitting cocksucking pain in the arse waste of time and limited enjoyment and has been for ages.....

spend more time filling in SOW forms or plainly telling casinos to suck my fat one when they refuse my docs....

the stakes are going down by the day

No feature buy is bullshit as puts UK players at a Huge disadvantage (im sure this wouldhave been covered a million times in No Limit threads )

I feel the games have changed and especially BGT games which at higher stakes have become worse than Dire.... in fact a total fucking joke...

(topped off with hitting enhanced feature on wild rose yesterday on £8 stake and winning a massive £65 !!! )

Cant even watch the bandit any more as he does low stakes dull videos now, although he seems to be equally bored also.....

The GC have totally fucked the industry and havent helped in any way..... I could still spunk thousands of pounds if I wanted I just cant have any fun doing it....

but its ok they will soon be banning autoplay so I dont lose track of my play!!!

cretins !!!

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