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Kevin Stilley

Has anyone played Casino Domain. When I went to cash out I was surprised to find that you cannot cashout on any deposit less than two weeks old (supposedly to protect you from credit card fraud?). Are there other surprises awaiting me at Casinodomain.com?
Hello all,

When you read this, keep in mind that it is an _old_ message. You are now free to withdraw your money anytime from CasinoDomain, and withdrawals are processed every bank day.
I got paid quite a lot a couple of days ago.

There have been a few problems. I saw this on a another message board:

My name is Bjrn Nilsson and I am the casino operation manager at Net Entertainment, the company behind CasinoDomain and CherryCasino.

First of all I would like to assure you that we are in perfectly good financial standing. We are a subsidiary of Cherryfretagen AB, a company listed on the Stockholm stock exchange with 800 employees and more than 35 years of experience from the brick and mortar casino business.

Our total company group has six companies listed on NASDAQ with a total market cap of billions of dollars. Most likely, our casinos are the ones with the best financial standing on the Internet.

We have not had any problems processing payments due to financial problems ever. Since there is a great deal of information that is needed for us to process a withdrawal request it happens occasionally that some pieces of information are incorrect. When information is incorrect the money will not reach the customer and it takes up to 14 days until we get this information from the recipient bank. This is not a new problem but since we are growing rapidly, we have new customers that are testing our routines and thus we have plenty of withdrawal requests each day. As far as we know, we are considered to be the best casinos on the Internet when it comes to payment systems. (recognized in the press)

Best regards,

Bjrn Nilsson
Casino Operations Manager
Net Entertainment

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