Has anyone heard of Slots Alley Casino?


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Jul 2, 2003
They are being promoted by gamblersonnet.com. (anyone had experience with this site?).
They are offering 300% unlimited sign-up bonus, and it's not a sticky bonus. Wagering requirements: 20 times purchase and bonus. I did a search on this board and found nothing. That offer looks to me to be too good to be true, even though as a BJ player, BJ does not count towards the wagering requirements.
I've never heard of them, nor do I recognize their software. I did a few searches on Google for text and game names and came up with nothing. The whois information is very vague as if they are hiding something.

I'd say you're drifting into uncharted waters here. Good luck!
Questionable software run from Israel. Not only is the software a Microgaming rip-off - but I simply don't believe in their progressives. They have jackpots worth $1,5 mill and still they post like shills on Winneronline :yes: .

They hardly advertise anywhere and noone has anything good to say about them.

Check out the Progressive Aces and Faces. The jackpot starts on $25K ($ - NOT coins) - and you just have to hit a Royal. Currently it's almost $50K. What would the payout be on such a game if it wasn't rigged? Someone with a full version of Win poker could calculate it.
A Royal normally pays 4000 coins - $25K minimum payout with 50 cents coinsize means a Royal pays at least 50000 coins. Currently it's $54K or 108000 coins :eek:

Unless you're a slotlover I wouldn't touch any of their games.
I bet Gamblersonnet is their own "portal" used to spam their casino. They've been spamming with Slotsalley since July.

Slots Alley also have their own '3rd party auditing firm' - Fairgaminglabs.com

Don't know where Fairgaminglabs are supposed to be located - but the site is hosted in Israel - just like the casino.
I've been getting spammed by this outfit for a couple of months now. When I got the first spam I checked them out and did not get a warm fuzzy feeling from them. It all seemed way too good to be true. $25K for a plain old royal on A&F should be a huge red flag. I'd say either you'd never hit one or if you did, you'd never see the money. There would be some excuse or loophole used to void the win. I'd stay far away from this bunch.
A friend of mine did some calculations and verified that their software can't be for real.

As mentioned above the Aces and Faces progressive pays out waaaaaaay to much on the Jackpot to be random. A random game with such payout would kill the casino in no time.

They copied the software from Microgaming - Microgaming Aces and Faces pays 99,25% - which I believe is normal for the game.

Assuming this is a real VP game and not a slot - the progressive Aces and Faces on Slots Alley pays 129,99% when the Jackpot is reset to $25K (50000 coins).
Currently the Jackpot is 108800 coins ($54,4K) and the payout (if not a slot) is 174,22%!!!!!

Needless to say this IS NOT VIDEOPOKER - IT'S ANOTHER SLOT :sniper:
I wonder if all their games are like that? Probably.

Needless to say that Fairgaminglabs is a scam (well - we already guessed)

Check out this crap from their site:

News and Updates

Fair Gaming Labs is currently in the process of testing a new casino software scheduled to be released early next year.

As a service to the online gambling community we are currently compiling a "whistle blower" newsletter, in which we will list various casino software applications we have tested. This should be very enlightening reading material as the companies involved are those that so called "watch dog sites" NEVER speak out against.
I have played at SLOTS ALLEY CASINO. Tried several times with various amounts and came up empty. While playing the ACES & FACES multihand, I ended up with duplicate cards a few times (like 2 J of clubs!) One time, I even got a five of a kind! (Which should be impossible since it is not a bonus game. I sent my concerns, as well as a question about how they could offer such huge jackpots. The casino rep- Natalie Stone wrote back promptly and said there had been a glitch in their software, which sometimes showed the incorrect card. They had been guaranteed by their software provider that it had been straightened out & that a check of my play showed that I had achieved average or above (even though I had lost my stake & the bonuses!) One thing they do & it is not clear, is they ADD wagering requirements onto your intial 20X. So, for example, when they "give" you an added bonus of say 20% for using neteller, they will add an extra 5X wagering requirements. So your wagering requirements may add up to 25-30X or more!
In addition, they do use FAIR GAMING LABS as they "guarantee" that the games are fair. WHile most places use an accounting firm, they chose not to. Fair gaming labs uses a mathematical statistical analysis of what you should get paid, not an actual pay-out. When I questioned the bonus amounts, she said they add more per hand then most sites (obviously) and that they have fewer players, so the amounts tend to get higher. It just doesn't add up to me. While playing, the system just didn't feel right (besides the card errors!). A flush seemed extremely rare, though that can run in streaks. I wish it could be verified as being an honest, true site. At another casino rating site, when I asked about anyone winning, a person said she had won $1,000 and had to wait a few extra days for payment, but claimed she did get paid.
This may be one of those "too good to be true" sites? :rofl:
I've played alot of A&F and NEVER got 5 of a kind, and I've got at least one of every hand on the pay table! You must be an incredible player to have pulled that one off. :yes:

I'm curious, what did that hand pay as? 4ok or something else?

Obviously this software is NOT to be trusted one little bit.
I always dreamed of getting a five of a kind- you know- you're dealt a 4 of a kind and it seems such a waste that you can't improve your hand with the throw-away! So, imagine my surprise when it actually happened. All they paid was as if it was a 4 of a kind. When I wrote to them, I said I thought I should get an extra bonus for getting a 5 o.k., but I guess they didn't think so!
LMAO, I know, I hate getting dealt a hand like that, you just can't improve on it. WTG for getting that 5th card, I'm quite impressed! :notworthy:
jpm- I'll never say I HATE being dealt a 4 of a kind! I would love to take the credit for getting a 5 of a kind, but apparently its all in the sleazy software! :axeman:
You do realize that was totally tongue in cheek! Gotta love being dealt any winning hand in multiplay, but 4ok is way up amongst my favorites.
Hi love2vegas,

You didn't happen to make a screen shot of your 5ok.

If so, could you send it my way? Thanks!
No, sorry. It was a couple of months ago & I didn't know how to do that. I also just checked my email and I no longer have a copy of the email on that- had to clean out becuase the list was getting too long. I will tell you that the casino promoter- Natalie Stone- personally replied to me & was very nice (& convincing). I think she would remember the correspondence, as she sent a quite lengthy reply saying that she was personally responding because she took my concerns very seriously. Wish I could help you more.
Well, I hope this all isn't going to prove them a fraud, I am an affiliate for Slots Alley and my brother-in-law has an account with them, he has won enough to cash out before but played it out instead. Maybe I am being blind but until they start really ripping people off, I will continue to back them and yes Natalie is a very nice person and always responds to all issues. Please let me know if anyone doesn't get paid etc., I personally have seen better hits at Slots Alley than at the microgaming casinos I have played at for over a year now, I will drop them like a hot potato if these issues continue or become worse.
- Their games are rigged and they're so amateurish they can't even see how obvious it is
- They created their own "independant third party" to verify software fairness and payouts
- They created their own portal for praising their casino.
- They have jackpots that in size match the Cryptologic, Playtech and Microgaming progressives? Progressives for millions built in one casino - a casino unknown to mankind until a few months ago?

How come the "independent third party" doesn't notice there's something fishy with the Aces and Faces progressives? Currently the A&F progressive is on $57000 - this means more than a million hands played since the last Royal (the Royal Flush cycle on this game with (random game, perfect play) is around 25000 hands).

Playtech has a progressive VP game called Megajacks. When the Jackpot is above $1200 or so the game has a positive return. It rarely goes above $2000 before it's hit. But at Slotsalley it's just climbing and climbing.....

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And don't forget the guy who got 5 of a kind on Aces & Faces. If that doesn't show you there's something VERY wrong with the software then you must be blind.
Heh - I did forget :yes:

I'd say the software belongs in Casinomeisters rogue software department and Fairgaminglabs among the fake watchdogs.

Btw. lookout for Casinoonliner.com - same software soon to be launched.

FBA Partners
Main Street

Domain Name: casinoonliner.com

Record last updated on 21-Aug-2003.
Record expires on 26-May-2006.
Record created on 26-May-2003.

Domain servers in listed order:


When checking the News I noticed this one:
About the record Keno win at Intercasino: "...[color=0000ff]Our researchers tell us that nomokes' jackpot is an online Keno record. Personally, I don't know of any online casino that has paid out anything close to $206,548.61 in a single keno jackpot..."[/color]
I guess the researchers should keep an eye on Slotsalley.com then - since their Keno progressive is currently on $315,557!!!! Amazing jackpot - especially since they've only been online a few months :lolup: They must have thousands and thousands of player to build these large progressives currently worth a total of $1,200,000 - Microgaming and Playtech progressives are both totalling less than $800,000 today.
They are spammers and the software must be
rigged. Otherwise they could not offer an *unlimited* 300% bonus. Even with 20(d+b) WR they would lose massively if I could deposit $1 million and play a fair game of JOB VP.
Just a heads up: I've been trying over the past several days to get a response out of Fair Gaming Labs. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they "may" be okay.

But I don't think so...

Nathalie may be a sweetheart, but if she knows that FGL is merely a bogus front/stamp of approval, then how sweet is she?
Well, I am 6 months new into affiliate work and it is hard to deal with the fact that my most successful program so far may be a cheat. Thank you for trying Bryan and please let us know if you find out anything.
"May be a cheat"????
- Do you believe in their progressives?
- Do you believe ANYONE would offer a game with a 130% AS A MINIMUM payout?
- Do you believe a real testing lab would let this pass?
- How come they haven't posted any reports from Fakegaminglabs since July 1
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Ever wondered why they do so well? Perhaps because they offer HUGE bonuses AND rig the games....

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