Has anyone heard of Casino-well?


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They have very favorable signup bonus, like 100% up to $350, and 80% up to $500, plus a 20% Neteller bonus. The wager requirement is only 20 times and 15 times respectively, for BJ 40 times, but they allow play on Bacarrate and Roulette as long as you are not betting on black and red at the same time.

The bonus is too good to pass but I want to know if anyone has any experience with them before? And how about the fairness of the software? I did a search on google and got nothing. Thanks for your input.
Rip Me a New A-hole Casino Yeah!


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I would stay clear from them. Their software provider has some unresolved legal issues (as far as I know) with Microgaming.


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You can see they are ripping off Microgaming by looking at a couple of their slots (Jackpot Express and Fruit Slots) look exactly like the MG slots.