Has Anyone Had A Problem With World Wide Vegas?


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Mar 28, 2004
Amherst, NY
I downloaded World Wide Vegas Casino and was about to deposit money there. I checked a few of my sources, just to make sure, and found that Custom Strategy Cards gave this casino a poor rating. I couldn't find out anything else about the casino at other sites. Has anyone had a problem with this casino. I believe they use Dot Com Software.
I'd be interested in hearing about this one, as well ...

It seems that they now use Parlay entertainment software in their no-download casino instead of Dot Com (or is that just a name change?).

Currently offering 100% bonus to $500 with 20X WR, but I'm still a little skeptical.

Any help would be much appreciated ...
I'm not exactly sure the bonus is sticky, it's unclear ...

From their Rules:

Bonus money is available for wagering only, and is not available for withdrawal. Any winnings resulting from wagers placed using the bonus money are available for withdrawal. (Note: for games that return the wager along with the winnings, the bonus amount wagered is considered winnings and is also available for withdrawal.)

I think it all depends on whether the player wagers with the bonus money first or his/her own funds.

However, I thankfully did a search on the casino's software provider which has me too concerned about the problems I've read to feel comfortable depositing with them.

Just what the meister's Forum is for, I'd say. :D
I have only played once with Parlay software and i didn't like it - both every minute disconnections and the game seemed to be unfair (although you cannot say that after one session i prefer not to spend thousands of dollars for proving that). If possible try to stick to main software providers(crypto,micro,rtg). Playing with many others is playing with fire. IMHO
These folks would have to have a major change before I play.

My personal experience of losing $1000 in $4700 wagering the miniumm at BJ - a long time ago.

Too may reports of very bad (R ?) results over the years.
I've played there a few times in the past few months and have had some success playing BJ and Caribbean Poker. Yes, the bonus is sticky and I agree the wagering requirements for the 100% bonus are high (20x). But for up to 25% bonuses the WR are only 4x. That is where I have had my success. Also, the bonus stays in your account until you lose it so you can cash out several times from the same bonus. I've been able to make some money off of Gone Gambling bonuses as well. I prefer Viper and RTG, but their BJ and Caribbean Poker seem fair to me. Payouts have generally been next day through Neteller.
Dotcom Entertainment is the parent company for Parlay Entertainment.

WW Vegas had some tricky moments but has been online for some time. Originally used the notorious GSS software but they changed around 2001, I think. Not sure who owns it now but back then they were registered to Azul Electrico SA out of Costa Rica.

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