Has anybody heard about poker bots?


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Oct 15, 2004
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Poker bots have become a big trouble in online poker rooms after February 1, 2004 when Winholdem launched a commercial bot, even though online poker rooms have tried to stop its invasion. Poker bots are not detectable by using one computer to control another computer.

Since poker bots play mathematically ideally and dont get tired, it is virtually impossible to beat them in large ring games, which reward tight and consistent play. Bots do not fair well in a short game, being too predictable, with their simplistic style of play.

Bots can be programmable; commercial bots like Winholdem use maths that can be adjusted by the bot user, to assume a unique style of play. There is no difference between a bot and a real player.

The most guileful moment with poker bots is that they may also card share, knowing other bots cards at the table will prevent bots from drawing dead (investing money on a hand, with no chance of winning).

In order not to be deceived by users of poker bots, you should:
- Play games that do not have structured betting. Pot-limit, no-limit and tournaments are all right games to play.
- Also play at a site that does not attract professional poker players and can offer you good bonuses.

So dont become disappointed when you lose money playing online poker, as you might be losing to a non-human opponent. Play poker on the right site.

What sites do not use bots..?? :what:


From prior thread a reply from pokeraddict.
2. Though they frown on autoplay programs, how can you detect if the house is not doing the exactly that to drive the action up?

It is highly unlikely most rooms have bot programs running to appear to have more tables running then they should. Out of all the rooms open right now only Pokertropolis appears to use bots. They deny this but much of the online poker pro community agrees they are using bots. They seem to play normal and do not have an unfair advantage. The main thing they do that makes it obvious is raise preflop and fold if you 3 bet them, especially in a bind steal situation. This is something you would next to never see in a real game but happens there several times an hour. There are not any other rooms where there is even the slightest accusation of this so I would not worry about it.

I cant find the link to their homepage but many winholdem users had their account locked and entire accounts confiscated at Party Poker and their computers and names banner for life. Party even had screenshots of them cheating stored on the players own computers to see them being caught. This had already happened at Paradise and im sure others are all over this as well. Most in the forums say it at best makes 1 big bet per 100 hands and is not useful at all in higher limit games. It is more useful for playing lower limits clearing bonuses. There are so many elements it misses. It doesnt know who the solid players are, the calling stations, the maniacs. It simply has a criteria of what hands to call, raise or fold etc and is predictable. The Winholdem admin has been banned from 2+2 not just because of his dirtbag program but because he is a dirtbag spammer too. run a search on the net and you will find many more dissatisfied customers then satisfied, and from reading his forum I would not be surprised at all if the people who claim they make 5 big bets per 100 are just his own shills or him.

Why use a product that is not a good poker player that will have your money confiscated and banned for life if you get caught? and you have to pay for it. Of course some will figure out how to use this and win a bit of money cheating but I am sure in the long run many/most of them will get cauight and lose it all. This is a huge priority to the poker rooms and I do not think anywhere near the problem all the hype would lead you to believe.

If you feel a bot is at your table email support as all the rooms are more then willing to investigate it. They want them gone more then you do, imagine how this scares the new fishies away.
Thanx, guys

Thank you, guys. The fact is that I've just started to play poker and the whole bots issue isn't really encouraging for me. And some my acquaintances ("new fishies", as Pokeraddict said :) ) are also pretty confused whenever they hear about bots.
However, I wasn't that scared with bots, since I usually play only at reputable rooms like Party Poker or 24hPoker. Anyway, thanx again.

Don't you think some day they will invent a "perfect bot", that will play ideally both in large ring games and short games and real players won't be able to realize who are they playing against..??

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