Harrods Casino


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I had seen some good posts on this casino (one from Vesuvio, if I'm not wrong) and decided to give it a try (and about the parent company I do like that incredible place in London, especially the food corner: paradise on earth!).
I have to admit that (as first impression) it deals one of the fairest Black Jack around.


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Also happens to be the lowest house edge on Blackjack of any around Pad - 0.06% :)


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My first - and only - impression was that the "single deck" game at Harrods was a complete pile of junk. Ridiculous losing / winning streaks, as far from a real game as you could imagine (Gambling Federation aside) and giving RTG slot-blackjack a run for its money. I never went back to it and stuck to the "four deck" game - which I found perfectly acceptable and played it quite heaviliy. I wouldn't recommend that single deck game to my worst enemy.


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I'm not able to judge the "single deck" since I just played 2-3 hands. I was trying to fulfill the WR and a 10 pound minimum dosesn't help. So I stuck on the standard BJ with the surrender option. At the end I cashed out 80 pounds more than my original deposit of 50, and they were in my neteller account in a couple of hours. I didn't become rich but it was just a try, and very positive indeed. Now I'll try Stanley before it's too late!