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Apr 4, 2005
Hi. Without doubt I think that Harrods Casino is the best casino around (sorry no US players).

Here's why:

1. great software (Kismet), which is definitely fair and above board from my experience, and is not 'yet another clone' like all the microgaming/playtech/rtg etc. sites
2. a very wide range of player-friendly games, which the casino promotes (and only has 3 bankroll-depleting slots) - seven different blackjack variants, most of which have a house edge under 0.3%, single deck baccarat (where other casinos have 6- or 8-deck) with a 4% banker commission (where other casinos charge 5%), generous roulette (single zero with la portage), etc. Even the slots pay out > 98% which I don't think I have seen anywhere else.
3. lightning fast cashouts.
4. cashouts paid straight back to my credit card in a way that I keep my cashback from my credit card provider
5. a veritable barrage of bonus offers sent pretty much weekly (latest one was 'if you wipe out your 50 deposit will give you it back')
6. fast response to emails and good customer service (e.g., I inadverdently didn't meet one of the t&cs of one of their (time-sensitive) promotions and they said 'no problem', and paid me anyway)

All-in-all in my view the best casino out there.
Agreed! :thumbsup:

You missed one thing under section 2: Every other hand you can opt to be 'banker' in PaiGow - this gives it the lowest house edge on the net, as far as I am aware!

The only downside is, I think I have been banned from future promotions for winning too much! :( I didn't get that last one you mentioned, and I have heard a similar story from another poster.
The problem is, their promotions are just TOO good! :rolleyes:
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I have got to agree.

They are generous with their offers, they construct their bonuses in a way which encourages you to try games you might not usually play.

Lowest house edge across a range of games. Great CS.

Pity they don't allow US players.

Perhaps Jody, who posts here from Harrods might like to tell us why they do not allow US players given this is by far the biggest internet market.

Dealer 4J Player 59J Bust
Dealer 3A Player 868 Bust
Dealer 395 Player 83J Win
Dealer QJ Player Q89 Bust (I had a feeling dealer had 20)
Dealer KJ Player 108 Lost
Dealer 45A Player 56K Win
Dealer 53Q PLayer Q2 Lose
Dealer 236k Player 75 Lose
Dealer 9Q Player K39 Bust
Dealer 2K8 Player 6K2 Lose
Dealer BJ Player J9 Lose
Dealer 3A Player 310A9 Bust
Dealer 8K Player 6Q8 Bust
Dealer 783 Player J7 Lose

Total loss 300 pounds in under 3 mins.

Now you tell me if them cards look fair to you
I'm no expert either - but it looks like more money than sense! :D

(Only kidding! ;) )

Although I am virtually a Blackjack hater, and had a similar diabolical run at Harrods myself some time ago, I have since found their BJ to be one of the fairest on the net.
I just think you were very unlucky, like I was. :(

PS: Vambo: I think you'll find the second dealer card listed is the 'up' card. The strategy looks OK to me apart from the 4th hand which looks like an accidental Hit instead of Stand! :eek:
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zman said:
I thought so too but not sure any more.

I was playing single dec bj look what happened.
The probability of losing 12 units in 15 hands is about 0.45% according to my rough calculations, using the probabilities from
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for 8 decks. It is bad luck, not the evidence of cheating. Of course, this calculation assumes that you play correct strategy. Hitting a hard 18 (hand 4) is never a good idea, and you should have hit 10,2 vs 3 at hand 7. Not hitting 7,5 vs 3 (hand 8) is actually correct strategy for SD BJ.

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