Harrods Casino Closed


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Sep 30, 2004
Just heard that Harrods casino has closed it's door.

Real pity as it used to be one of my top casinos in my bonus hunting days.

It used to have the best odds in the business and great and innovative offers and excellent customer service.

People can still access their account through the Red Lounge casino, another Kismet casino.

that's the mail from harrods:

Dear Player,

Harrods Casino has closed its virtual doors effective 1st March 2007. Although Harrods Casino performed well and became known as the preferred casino for many VIP players, this decision was made in light of the uncertain regulatory environment in the online gaming industry.

You may temporarily access your account to withdraw your funds by logging into www.redloungecasino.com using the same account and password. All queries should be sent to service@redloungecasino.com. Please do not send emails to service@harrods-casino.com.

As the operator of Harrods Casino since 2003, we at Kismet Studios thank our valued players for their patronage and the opportunity to serve them since 2003. We wish you the best!


Walter Gordon
Operations Manager
Hi Mitch - out of hiding again? ;)

You're a little slow there - but I guess you just got the same players e-mail as me today.
They sent one to affys on March 1st - the day after they closed! :eek:

Anyway, not to worry, I think Red Lounge will have similar offers and of course, the same great games.

Good luck! :cheers:

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