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Mar 2, 2004
On a positive note ...

Have been playing at Harrods-casino, and have been enjoying their weekend promo offers : 2:1 BJ's, bonuses for playing all their games etc.

On several occaisions, am embarassed to say, i misunderstood or misplayed some part of the promo. But i had a great time with the games anyway - and i won. After the Customer Service Rep patiently explained were i went astray, figured i had disqualified myself for the bonuses.

Was very surprised that the Marketing people sent me an email saying they had credited my account, anyway! And that the promo might have been worded more explicitly. On another slip up of mine they said "close enough" as i gave them enough action elsewhere.

Think Harrods sets the example of how an online casino should be run. They treat players with respect.
Yeah, they are a first class outfit.

Gave me a break once too.

Got to keep playing regularily thru the week or the promo invites will dry up. A reasonable approach.

When Hamptons/portofino and delanocasino are long defunct due the their bizarre mistreatment of customers - places like harrods will still be crusin' along.
Totally agree.
You can't expect from the best shop in the world to own a crappy casino.
They are the best.I envy them that :D
drkasper said:
Oh they used to own the crappiest casino on the web a few years back ;-)

Thankfully they've since seen sense and now have a really good operation (they're good guys too)

Yeah true.They had a crappy software.
What software does it use? I did not see any indication on the website and I did not recognise it from the screenshots of the various games.
cipher said:
Probably a stupid question but indulge me. Is Harrods available to persons in the United States?


U.S. Players cannot play at Harrods. I think it is the SW provider Kismet that insists on that rule, because of uncertain legality in states, otherwise why would a casino pass up on all the U.Sz. gamblers?
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Its a standard UK company/casino reaction. The 'UK-based' casinos don't offer to US customers for a variety of reasons - especially because of the legality of it in the US. Its not that they don't want too - but they tend to like their US vacations without the danger of getting arrested on arrival ;) (I jest)

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