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Mar 23, 2006
Please tolerate some bitching. OK, so probably most of you have never heard of Harrah's Cherokee, which is located on the Cherokee reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina. Beautiful country, nice drive from our home, not too far but not so close that we can go too often either. That being said, I am in no hurry to go back. First of all, this isn't a "real" Harrah's, they just manage the place for the Native Americans. So the points and comps are chinzy. The place is being renovated, casino being enlarged, another hotel tower being erected but as a result the shuttles weren't running from the parking lots and we had to park in a multi level parking garage which was tight parking and extremely crowded.
My biggest complaint is where did all my favorite slots go? Not the same type machines as down in Biloxi (OK there were two or three Wizard of Oz but that was about it.) We don't eat there anymore, the food went downhill several years ago and the buffet is expensive and not worth it. There is a new sit down (not buffet) Paula Dean's restaurant which we checked out while we were there and it is SUPER expensive. They serve liquor now for a charge, but they took away the self serve free coffee and cokes. You have to stand in a long line now to get anything. They give you NOTHING and the machines are tight as a gnat's a$$. They won't see me until next fall and that's only to have a nice drive to see the leaves turn and have a destination to stop at for a couple of hours. End of bitch. :D
We stopped there a month or two ago...I wasn't impressed. First of all it is a pain to get to, the construction was in full swing, it just didn't have any pizazz so to speak. Actually, I'm really not impressed with any Harrah's properties and we have been to a few. The last was Harrah's Metropolis in Metropolis,IL just down the road from Paducah,KY. Fortunately we had free buffet's but that was the biggest moment of the night:D other than a couple decent wins I really didn't care for the machines and we have crossed that one off our list.
I have visited Harrah's Cherokee on numerous occasions during the past years. I have consistently done well playing their World Series of Poker slot machines with the Texas Holdem bonus round. Make sure you know how to play Texas Holdem before you play this slot game.

Many of the slot games are quite different from those I am use to playing at other land casinos. But hey, variety is the spice of life. ;)
Cherokee doesn't have a real gaming commission and because of this they offer some games that you won't find on real casino properties. One for instance is the Pot of Gold which was the most popular the last time I was there. The game can be set to play like a slot even though it uses cards. I'm not sure they do that, the payouts on the pay tables are bad enough.

They can't have real cards on any games. The "live" poker are Poker Tek machines and their tables games have video screens where the dealers basically push the buttons for you. The only use the casino has is that they will rate you play and give you offers at other Harrah's properties which might make up for all of the crap video poker.
I agree about the poker tables with the video screens and the dealers use of only pushing the buttons, tried that only once, never again.
I went there a few years ago. It's a great area of the country right on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains NP. The casino didn't leave much of an impression positive or negative on me. I think I played about 30 minutes. I still get offers occasionally.

The odd thing was that you were required to insert a players card or else the slots did not work. I don't know if they still do that.

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