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Sep 13, 2005
Thought I would open up an account with 32red after seeing Simmo and Slotster with all those winning screen shots..After $500 and 6 days of playing it seems that all the winning hands are saved up just for you guys...Had some small drops that just kept me going but nothing big to shout about..I will leave that casino for you two and go back to my old one which at least I get a run for my money..
:confused: $500.00 never lasted six days for me unless I was getting some good hits. I'd say you got your fair share of entertainment.
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Swings and roundabouts.

At the end of the day, all casinos want your money and we all want their money. Sometimes they'll win, sometimes we'll win.

Service, promos & choice of games aside, all Microgaming casinos are EXACTLY the same in gameplay: wherever you go to play a game, its the same game, the same RNG, the same software, the same chances of winning, the same House edge.

Unless you bonus hunt, find one or two MG casinos you like, one that treats you well and that you trust and stay there would be my advice. Don't switch MG's just because you think more people win at a particular one because there is no formula. Its all random luck, or player skill and/or above all, knowing when to stop :D

The main reason we'll lose, house edge aside, is that (generalisation coming) we dont know when to stop.
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Simmo! said:
The main reason we'll lose, house edge aside, is that (generalisation coming) we dont know when to stop.

Yep, I second that. Knowing when to stop makes a huge difference. Needing to stop in the middle of a wagering requirement is what trips many.

For that reason I am starting to think that taking a bonus gives the casino an edge, not the player. All the calculations about the advantage you get by using a bonus may apply to games like BJ, but they sure don't apply to slots. And I maintain that you can win a lot more with slots than BJ, long as you can stop while you are ahead.

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