Happy New Year


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I am heading out shortly, off out for dinner, a night of Queen tribute and a disco but I just wanted to wish everyone on here a great New Year and may 2018 bring you lots of memorable moments (both slotting and non such).

Have a good one whatever you are doing.


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happy newyears all.
was tempted to go out but still minus 30s here and a night of indoor drinks and slots is the big plans here.
definitely more economic to play in and drink than an evening of cabs and bars. I'll save my fun for patio time :)

to those spinning tonight good luck.
to those going out be safe


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Yep - Happy New Year!! 2017 was a year of advancement and change at Casinomeister - and 2018 will be more of the same as we plough forth into the 21st century. :D



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I don't know about everyone else but I'm finding the new year to be quite similar to the latter part of last year :cool: