Happy Holidays....Im off to a B&M


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Oct 9, 2006
Just wanted to say happy holidays to those who have Thanksgiving in their life :) Im leaving in a few hours for the Trop in Atlantic City. Wish me luck!!!

I hope you all win while Im away!!!
Babs best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else! Good luck, hit wheel of fortune for us then come back and give us your strategy!
:) :) :) :) :) :)
See Simmo, if you didn't live over there with the other weird speaking people and the lock ness monster, you could go to a B&M :lolup:
Im back :(

Oh well,

THank God for the free nights and free meals in this beautiful Hotel. We had a blast but I couldnt win for my life this week. It was very unusual, Im usually pretty good BUT...they have this new machine and that is what got me!! If I wasnt so obsessed with that damn Power Ball $1 machine, I wouldnt of lost much. My big loss is a very small loss to most of you out there.

I know your gonna laugh because losing about $600 between the both of us for 3 nights must be a mere pitance to alot of you, but since I win most of the time when I go, It's alot to me lol. Really, this is the most money I have ever lost in my life! I could of bought that flat screen with this money but ALAS......I came to the reality that I can actually lose and not win everytime I go to A.C. LOL

Since Christmas is so close and the aura isnt good for me this week, I cancelled my trip for next weekend. I swear, that was someone else shoving $20's in that machine, not me !!! What really sucks is that everytime I got up from a machine or just wanted to cash out a voucher, someone would sit down and hit a JP, it wasnt the casino, it was me. This happened like 4 or 5 times and EVERYONE was winning around me. It just wasnt my time to win.

I still had fun with my husband
At least you had fun!!!

I hate those damn vouchers... Takes all the fun out of it! I used to love the clank clank clank of the silver dollars, or even better, the nice young lady coming over with the trolley full of $100 bills and starting to count them into your hand :D
I wasn't crazy about the vouchers until I sat down at a video poker machine in Reno last week. I just assumed it was ticket-in ticket-out and put a $20 in and then realized the paytable was not good unless you bet a whole lotta coins so I pressed the cashout button. Much to my surprise real live nickels started spitting out (it was a multi-denomination machine). Now I started looking all around for a cup to put them in but couldn't find one anywhere. So anyways I ended up weighed down with pockets full of nickels wandering around the casino looking for the cashier window.
Glad you had fun, I know what you mean about leaving you machine only to have someone sit down and win.... I used to pull my voucher out and then reinsert , thinking it would reset the machine and this time I would be the one to win after losing at the machine! Alas, thats not always the case! lol
.....Slotster, I love dealing with cash too..something about having all the money fall into the tray below with a win, even a minor win was stimulating. (although im trying to avoid that stimulation now!)No cups, no fun though...ha ha ha
Seems like alot of people wish the money they had lost would have bought that flat screen tv...maybe we should start a thread - a christmas savings thread..everytime you deposit at an online casino..you deposit 1/2 of what you were going to deposit into your savings account..have everyone post how much money they have saved ,then at the end of December, post how much saved and what you are going to buy with it! LOL:)
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I had the same experience when we went to the Native American casino on Sunday. I couldn't hit a thing, but everyone else was winning. I have about had it with that place, and it is only a day trip for us so no deluxe room and show, but the free buffet brunch is great, esp. the crab legs, but not worth what I spent Sunday! Next trip is to Biloxi after the first of the year.

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