Happy Birthday Weesie,Livefree247,Jamie,Chboogies,


Ueber Meister
Thank you all! Ah yes, another year.

But: I don't want to be 58!!!!:oops::oops:

GGW Laurie

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Happy Birthday Weesie and to everyone who has a Birthday today , may it be special:)



Grumpy old gal
Weesie, you make me laugh so many days, I hope you have a marvelous birthday filled with love, laughter, cake and free chips!

I don't know the rest of you as well, but I hope your birthdays are smashing too!


Still a Lady
I remember a Lady wishing me a happy birthday twice in my thread last year:p
so I can't forget yours :D

Happy Birthday and a Happy Birthday weesie :thumbsup:
Hope you're having a great day!



Ueber Meister
Thank you Jas and Tirilej!

Today being the date it is, I found it amusing when I came across this quote:

"You are never to old to learn something stupid"

I may have to make it my "tag"!

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