Birthday Happy Birthday to incrediblestuff!

Have an awesome day :cheers:
Thank you wholeheartedly my fellow Meisters, and the big Meisterman himself! Despite tons of bad news all year round, diminishing health (and diminishing gambling returns :p) i still enjoyed my day as best i could! I hadn't seen my parents for a whole year (scandalously, i know, but they live quite a trip away and im basically an immovable object :D) so i visited them today, with 2 aunts. Then i visited 2 more aunts in another town, and finally went back to my hometown. There i met up with some of my remaining closest friends (a handful, but very precious ones) and allowed myself a nice glass of quality whiskey, to go with my usual joint ^.^

Now im back in my own crib, somewhat tired, but fulfilled: this ole chap is gonna roll one more, have a little relaxing punt, and i;ll gladly post my Dream Drop or Megapays Jackpot tomorrow!

Or perhaps the rant how i lost my fortune while intoxicated? :D Jokes of course! No worries there, trust me :)
Also, i don't have a fortune to lose! :lolup:

@Jono777 i was deeply moved by your highly artistic, severely sophisticated, yet weirdly poetic musings, and humbled as a once self proclaimed writer-to-be! I have decided to throw my pens to the wolves, and will from now on pursue other ventures, that have not yet found their godly representative - a man needs some goals!

That said, i would have settled for a 'Happy B-Day ole bugger' :p

Always say it - even though i don't really engage much anymore, i'm still lurking about, and am always genuinely appreciative of these threads, and slightly more so when it's my own!

Much love! <3
Happy belated birthday, incredible stuff! Ik hoop dat je heerlijk genoten hebt van je drankje en de gezelligheid met vrienden en familie. :cheers::cheers:

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