Happy Birthday Sapit222!


Next time I see you, remind me not to talk to you
Aug 29, 2012
Well, technically it was his birthday yesterday, but as it's come to my attention, and the fact that I excel in late birthdays, it's only right that the guy who devotedly takes the time to create threads on behalf of others, gets his own.

So with that said, wishing you a happily belated one good sir! :thumbsup::cheers:
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I have been counting on @sapit222 to 'notify' me of any B-Day's of late! But of course most people don't create their own B-Day threads, so i'll let this one slide! :D Thanks for the heads-up @goatwack and i totally agree with your sentiment!

Which prompts a Happy Belated B-Day wish to you @sapit222 !! Hope your day is still going strong (it still counts if you haven't slept), and you've been having tons of fun! Good health and good fortune to you, kind sir!


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