Happy Birthday Pat!!!


RIP Lisa
Hidey ho Mr. Harrison!! Happy St. Pat's day...ha ha. And a very happy birthday. Bottom of the forum says 44? Sure that must be a misprint....thought you were still in your 30's. :laugh:

Anyway, have a good day. I don't suppose they unlocked the chain holding you to your desk for today? :p

Enjoy the Guinness later on. :thumbsup:


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Hey Pat!!!

I didn't know you were Irish!! :thumbsup:

Happy Birthday!!



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Happy Birthday Pat!

One of the best casino managers around even if you are a Swindon Town fan :thumbsup:

Hope Ed has given you the day off today :)


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No wonder you were so chirpy yesterday!

Happy birthday Pat, hope you have a great day and the Ed see's it fit to give you the day off. That's if he's back from the races :D



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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!:cheers::cheers::cheers:


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Happy birthday Pat! I'll have a drink in your honour...I'd have two, but there is another St Paddy's day birthday here;)


RIP Lisa


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Thank you all for your kind words and wishes!
As ever, Pina has had the last word with her recent comments and on the subject of age I'll misquote the great Muppet Man himself;

'You know it's time to re-evaluate when the good times are all in black and white' ;)

Cheers again, and fingers crossed, that I'll be able to raise a glass of the black stuff to you all, once the Boss let's me finish for the day!

Pat :drink:


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Happy Birthday Pat:D

It's a nice, mild, sunny day outside to celebrate......

Pity you are not here in the UK to enjoy it:p