Happy Birthday Macgyver!!


RIP Lisa
Oct 15, 2004
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Hiya Mac!! Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. All of 35 years, wow!! Hope that you get lots of whatever makes you happy today. Have a good one Mac. :)
Thanks, you two, appreciate it. :D

Like I posted in johnsteed's interview thread of me, I got a little something from Lasseter's and Global-Player for the big day ... just waiting to hear from Ed and Pat. ;)

Just kidding, guys, you know you're the tops! :thumbsup:

Pinababy said:
Hope that you get lots of whatever makes you happy today.

Oh, don't I wish! It's been too many birthdays ago since I got THAT!!! ;) :eek:
Mac! After only 35 bdays you already got the prize? Guess wishing you some luck is not needed....................

Try to have a good bday!
Geez, I really was kidding, Ed and Pat! :notworthy

But thanks for the very nice birthday bonus offer I just got in my email box ... may have to move some money around to take advantage of this one! :D
Have a great b'day! I hope it brings you the best of luck. 35?? :eek: Still just a babe in arms. Enjoy your 30's they fly by way too quickly.

The thirties were the best years! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

Oh what I wouldn't give to be in my 30's again! They were the best years outside of my childhood. Enjoy! The years fly by too quickly!

Happy Birthday
(although it's probably "belated" by this point) :oops:

I hope you're enjoying/you've enjoyed it! :thumbsup:


Here's another late birthday wish (I'm travelling at present)

All the best for the year ahead, Mac - good luck with the writing and the games!
And more belated wishes!


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