Happy Birthday Kroffe


เ๓ ค Ŧคภςץ ๒єคг
Mar 2, 2019
So demanding even on your Birthday.

You are meant to be having fun with your family and eating cake not posting on here.

But i did get you socks. They are waiting for you if you ever get to Scotland since i had no address to send you them. To prove it i even took a photo of them.

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Choose one...

Nah, they are alright i guess.
After all they are related to me, so who bad can they really be.
But celebrations was postponed until tomorrow or sunday depending on weather.
We decided to hold it outside, because with both my sisters and their family, + my brothers, we are like billion people.
Everyone agreed that was a better choice in these virusey times.

Everybody apart from dad.
"if i want to risk my life for cake thats my choice"
Rest of the family decided he was to dumb to make his own choices, so we made one for him.

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