Happy Birthday John Steed!!

Happy Birthday John Steed

:cheers: Happy Birthday John Steed :cheers:
Have a great day on the 4th of July
You must of been a bang the day you were born lol
Happy Birthday and many more great years ahead

Thank you kindly good people. :)

I appreciate your words, and for taking me in and welcoming me into the club over the course of the past year or so. This would include new members, those who came around the time that I arrived, and those who've been here forever.

I'll try to save you from too much cheesiness, because I'm sure most of you get enough of a fill on the weekly pizza delivery's, KRAFT's CHEEZ WHIZ on the morning toast, and most certainly KRAFT DINNER. Hmmm, I'm surprised that KRAFT Foods hasn't expanded to the pizza delivery market while they've cornered the market on the entire cheese market. While I'll try to NOT get too off topic (although I'm suddenly in the mood for PIZZA HUT... deepest apologies to the deep "pan" pizza courtesy of KRAFT that's been crushed over the duration of a 2-year period under that GIANT Butterball Turkey... I'll pass on the frozen stuff for the real thing any day of the week... although there is that McCain frozen cake that'll do just fine with some Del Monte mango juice to wash the pizza down with... :p), well... "off topic" is precisely where I took you. I love the art of tangents.

As far as that jackpot "liquidsoap", I'd love to see one. :thumbsup: The only b-day credit coming through thus far has come compliments of various PlayTech casinos. And those bonuses aren't coming via "credible outfits" either, or the few of the PlayTech clan that I would recommend. My birthday has already passed in South Korea, but it's only begun on the other side of the globe... so I'm hoping for a surprise or two coming from the MICROGAMING sector of the online gaming universe.

Any which way, it's been a pleasant day. Now, let's see if Mrs. Peel will be just as giving as PlayTech. :cool:

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Well now, that's more like it. :notworthy Come to Unca Steeeee... :p Wha?

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My apologies my dear. Keep forgetting you're Mrs. "PEEL", not Mrs. "STEED".​


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Mr. Steed!!! I hope that you have the happiest of days...and some loot from the casinos certainly wouldn't hurt, would it? Sending you some good thoughts and karma for your bday, maybe it will bring you a jackpot!!! All the best. :cheers:
happy birthday

happy birthday Steed

You really are an NBA expert. Miami won 4-2 :mad: as you had said .

I really would like to hear your advice while betting on NBA games next season

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