Happy Birthday Enzo!


No idea if the main man will come in today, probably not, but i would still like to take the opportunity to give out my well meant congratulations to this great guy!

Enzo, or 3Dice, as most of us know him here, is a very special man, and one of the first representative's of Online Casino operators that visited this lovely forum, with a fresh wind of innovation, great idea's on customer Service, and seeking huge involvement from the player community. Over the years he has proven to be one of the most transparant and open minded Casino figures we came to know, and i for ioe really appreciated all his input.

I think it's worth a little homage, which in this case are just a few words of thanks on my side, and as it is his Birthday, i hope to see a few more appreciative people give their 2 cents, but please, if you don't like him or his casino 9 hard to imagine, but possible:p) then rather don't put in, as it's a B-Day thread and thus reserved for positivity! :D

Enzo: Thanks for everything so far, and i hope to see more of you again in 2016! Hope you have a fantastic day, which of course will be the first of your hopefully many B-Day's to come, that your lovely newborn will celebrate with you! Don't be a stranger in 3Dice chat, as i do pop in every now and then, and would love to have a more interactive chat again soon!