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Jan 11, 2017

Well hello everyone!

So I've just received word it is the Casinomeister Forums 21st Birthday!
Massive congratulations to @Casinomeister and the whole team for keeping this community thriving for so long!

But what is a community without its most active and contributive members, right?
So this little promotions is for those exact members.

Here's how it works;
We want to hear who has made your time at Casinomeister even more enjoyable. That one member who deserves a prize and the recognition.

All you have to do is say who should receive a prize, and why. It can be as simple as them contributing the most valuable information for you, that they have made you laugh more than other members, or any reason you feel is worth a prize.

All members of the Casinomeister forum have ONE nomination. That's reps, admins, moderators and members of all ranks get to nominate one other member to receive a prize.

The 10 members with the most nominations will receive a prize of 21 wager free, no deposit super spins on Big Bad Wolf.

So let's here it folks. The floor is yours.

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a few peeps come to mind, but I'm gonna set aside staff...yes, they are all indeed dedicated - Bryan for opening the doors and the massive work, Jelena with her happy, sunny disposition, dun for all his vids and releases, maxd for the ways he helps members and his even-temperament, staff behind the scenes who keep the machinery ticking - I'll nod trancemonkey, for his patience and explanations, goatie for his dry wit that makes me chuckle, VS, Jan and Trada for their omni-presence, and well, a general thumbs-up for everyone who contributes and really truly, makes this a community :)

but seeing as the rules say ONE, trance got his kudos by away of award, so @goatwack you do sir, make me snigger :D
This really is a hard one and had me thinking but I went for Harry in the end, he was generous enough to start the remarkable thread when he was having some really good luck and was probably the most generous guy within the community and he is always there to offer advice when needed to all :)
There's far too many people I could choose as everyone makes CM a great place to visit.

But I'll have to nominate @Supababe...she's always taking part in Trada giveaways and competitions and on the last one I took part in; the Trophy Hunt, she thought it was hilarious to paint a trophy on to one of her sons toys, post the pic and claim she found a trophy...I didn't have any coffee on hand to spit all over my keyboard, but my sides were genuinely sore laughing at that :D
I'd like to nominate Bloatgoat, for winning a Ferrari Testarossa from a £10 initial deposit. A shining example to us all :D
my nom would go to jazzie for that; that girl cleaned house with her WD :D
Met the Meister and Max in person, two cool guys!
Jelena is my future wife, so well done Bryan for bringing her on board.

But I've been a member for a long time, started when KlaverCasino became popular here all of a sudden. A Dutch focussed casino I worked for. So that goes back in 2012!

The main members who just provide "critical" feedback are my favourites. I'm not gonna name you, otherwise you might stop :)

Keep on going and I'm a happy camper!

@dunover your contribution(s) needs to be mentioned, keep it up! Also, well done on the best affiliate site of the decade: shitholecasinos :)

It's a nice community, next time ill be at the meistermeeting myself to meet you all (again)!

Kr. Jan
@dunover your contribution(s) needs to be mentioned, keep it up! Also, well done on the best affiliate site of the decade: shitholecasinos :)
Kr. Jan

Btw and in addition: as a former poker player who did "instruction videos' I know how much time it takes to record, store, replay, voice over, etc. In order to get a movie ready / available for online!
Slots might a bit less work, still its a shit load of work he is doing with his movies. And its a fair that he can share that on multiple sources !

Thats why, not because of the affiliate site of the decade :)

Don't forget to mention your overwhelming modesty,
you could almost say that you are without a doubt the absolute, bar-none, best in the world at modesty.

i almost am never wearing pants when posting
is there an award for immodesty :p
I love loads of people on here and wouldn’t like to pick one over another. So many people helped me when I needed it and if I could I would nominate every single one of them.

That said, if I absolutely had to choose, on pain of death, it would either be @goatwack or @Jono777

Goatie’s posts are usually hilarious but it’s also clear he’s a very smart cookie. Jono because he seems like such a nice guy.

So yeah, those two :)
I have to go for @goatwack.... I am voting for the most hideous member aren't I? Noooo ok him anyway cos he's really funny and I like funny.
he's only ugly on the inside :(
no, wait

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