HANDS OFF Goldbetting,Ladydream,PlayersVegas !!!


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Jan 29, 2004
Two weeks ago I deposited $100 into Goldbetting and played for more than a week every day. At last, My account had more than $3,000 - dont ask me how. It just went up and up. After reaching all wagering rules (15 times wagering, more than 1,000 spins, waiting 7 days for first cashout) I requested several cashouts of $2,500 in total (matching the rule of no more than $250 per cashout and no more than $1,000 per day).
Guess what happened?
This rude guy, calling himself Tom Kennedy, CLOSED my account at Goldbetting and DirectNetPay!!!
He does not answer any of my emails asking him what happened.
So I contacted Elizabeth May from The APage and also Administrator of Playin4Keeps Gamblersboard, who directly contacted Goldbetting.
This Kennedy told her, that I am using the same IP address as another person, what is a violation against the casino rules.

This is totally bullshit!!!

I am using a call-by call internet provider and the IP address I am given is always another one, as it is static!
Of course there is always another one who gets an IP address I have had at a previous time!

By the way - the other guy was also thrown out of the Casino because of winning some little money!

Mr. Kennedy, or should I say, Mr. Hamilton, or should I say, Mr. Adams, or whatever your real name is:

Keep away from these casinos, you only can lose !!! :sniper:
Marilesis attempted to post this in the Archives....and it sat there until today when I found it.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune at this group of casinos. Anyone promoting these casinos is either guilty of condoning fraud, or they haven't a clue to what they are doing, or they believe that the money they receive as an affiliate makes up for whatever problems they perpetuate with their thoughtless promotion. That's my take on things.

This group is about as crooked and unprofessional as they come.

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