Dec 6, 2004
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All good things come to an end and after a great year working with West Ham
United on Hammers Casino , the Casino is now closing down. We wish English
soccer team West Ham United much success for the coming year in the English

Important information regarding your affiliate accounts and Hammers players.

? All Hammers players will be moved to Vegas Red (
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) by
September 6th 2006. These players will have their entire accounts, as they
are, transferred to Vegas Red. Those players that have accounts with both
Hammers Casino and Vegas Red will have their accounts merged.

? As all players are being migrated to Vegas Red, all revenues will continue to
generate as usual without interruption.

? The usernames for these players will remain the same (i.e. HMF46041112) as
will the stats, so you will be able to keep track of the revenues generated by
your Hammers players.

? To ensure a smooth transition, Vegas Red will be automatically installed upon
double-clicking the Hammer?s desktop icon.

? In order to prevent confusion, the Players will simultaneously be notified of
the change via email and our casino support teams will be available 24/7 to
answer any questions or concerns.
Inevitable. Argentinian Internationals demand big wages :rolleyes:

Seriously though, it's not too surprising. If you brand a casino after a football club ( sorry, a real football club;) ) then you are immediately segregating your audience. No way us Gooners or those Nafanny Wanderers supporters are gooner play there.

If you're a Manure or a Chelski, maybe you can get away with it because of overseas support, but even then I'd suspect profitability wouldn't be great as a) Man U casino wouldn't allow US or Chinese to play thus reducing their potential user base to 1% and b) Chelski casino competitions wouldn't attract any players either as everyone would assume that they can simply buy the prize :D
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Seriously though, it's not too surprising. If you brand a casino after a football club ( sorry, a real football club;) ) then you are immediately segregating your audience. No way us Gooners or those Nafanny Wanderers supporters are gooner play there.


More money than cents or in the UK, pence :D

Damn straight Simmo and I bet the total wealth of the entire West Ham fan base is around 1.26
...and to think these marketing geeks actualy paid for their input, ask Simmo that s what I say :thumbsup:
Our sources tell us that the deal between Imperial E and Westham just didn't deliver the right numbers from the football fan side despite a concerted marketing effort, which probably confirms what Simmo speculates above.

There is apparently also an element of sports/football fans being more sports betting oriented and that may have had an influence too, and I'm told that the football club started doing a little better in the months following the deal, so that may have made them a more demanding partner.

BTW I believe that several of the lower echelon clubs have been feeling out the online casino sponsorship market lately - perhaps the deals struck by folks like 888.com and 32Red have prompted this sector to be viewed as a source of cash by some football managers.

The Westham site was heavily customised and isn't "re-usable" so it will probably be shelved unless the club wants to buy it.
It didn't take long for West Ham United to engage with another online gaming sponsor:


And Blackburn Rovers finds an online friend, too

The business partnership between Imperial E Club and West Ham United football club may have ended (see earlier InfoPowa reports) but the footballers have almost immediately signed up another online casino partner to take Imperial E's place.

West Ham United management today (Thursday) announced the selection of Pinnacle Casino.com and Blue Chip Games as the East London club's official online casino partners.

In the exclusive three-year agreement running through the 2008/09 season, a devoted gaming section will be created on the club's homepage at WHUFC.com by Blue Chip Games allowing loyal Irons fans the opportunity to play all of their favourite casino games at Pinnacle Casino.com.

"We were keen to form an association with a respectable gaming operator that reflected the strong values our football club represents," said Scott Duxbury of West Ham United. "Pinnacle Casino is renowned for maintaining the highest levels of integrity with all payout levels independently audited, exciting game play and a safe and secure online gaming environment."

The sponsorship agreement also includes several marketing initiatives granting Pinnacle Casino advertising on the official website of West Ham United, match day programs and television interview backdrops as well as LED time during live matches at Upton Park. In addition, West Ham United has granted use of the Club's trademark, player names, images and photographs for promotional use worldwide.

"We're extremely pleased to have been chosen as the exclusive online casino partner for a club with a longstanding and proud tradition like West Ham United," said Keith Long of PinnacleCasino.com. "As a lifelong fan, I'm well aware of the devotion Irons fans have to West Ham, and believe the faith they have in the club will translate well into the branded casino games."

It is believed that Blackburn Rovers has signed a similar marketing agreement with Bet24.com.

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