ha Facebook you crack me up.


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Lately Facebook has been throwing lots of ads on my page and lots of related stuff that they *think* will interest me. :rolleyes:

Anyhoo, today Club World posted that someone won a jackpot, I liked it and then of course FB had to pop more ads under it. I thought it was kinda funny that with all the casino facebook pages out there they couldn't find 4 pages that were closer matches in terms of similarity.



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They are constantly putting crap up on mine too. Also, they want to know more personal info..... high school, college.... where I work.

I refuse to play that game. Speaking of games, don't play their games either. If I am going to play games, it will be at a real casino, not theirs'.

I do play at pogo.com. You are suppose to have chances to win real money there, but, I sure as hell haven't. I have won "wallpaper" several times! Yea for me!

I don't do wallpaper!


Facebook, still using that one :D Chrome n'd adblok :thumbsup:


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Psychic4me got 12000 likes?

Another reason not to use Facebook.

I don't mind the ads on YouTube. The site doesn't run for free. I just think the ads inside the videos are a bit intrusive.

"You can skip this ad in 5 seconds."

Which I have done every single time since it started.