WARNING GWCasino confiscates AU$197k, ignores complaints


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Jan 20, 2004
Early this month an Australian player came to us reporting that GWCasino.com had confiscated AU$197,000 claiming that "an exploit" had been discovered in the player's game and that as a result "all bets and resulting payouts are voided". The casino offered a AU$14000 "bonus" as compensation, then locked the player out and refused to discuss the case.

The player came to us and assuming that the previous connection between GWCasino.com and GoWild.com was still valid I contacted the GoWild rep for assistance. "We are in no way connected to Gwcasino therefore I will be unable to provide any assistance with this" was the response.

"No connection" hardly explains why gowild.com from an Australian IP redirects to gwcasino.com. Nor does it explain why the gowild.com and gwcasino.com have, until recently, claimed the same ownership:
This Site ("we", "us" or "our") is operated by Digi Markets N.V is a company registered in accordance with Curaçao Law ...

Even setting aside the dubious denials from GoWild the bottom line is that GWCasino confiscated AU$197k from a player and has nothing to say about it. As such:

WARNING: Players are advised to avoid GWCasino.com because of highly questionable confiscations, refusal to respond to player complaints and their connection to the ever-troublesome GoWild.com. Because of their non-responsiveness to player issues we can't do much for players with complaints against them.
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Jun 30, 1998
UPDATE: We've been in touch with the CEO of GoWild who has explained that they have no connection with gwcasino.com and that it was just a redirection to an affiliate account. They have removed the redirection so that Australian players do not get confused.

We have recommended that the player file a complaint with the ACMA
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about this casino targeting and accepting AU bets - and not paying out.

Here is their complaint form:
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