Guts outdoes every other casino again


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Ok first of all Happy birthday to guts n a big thanks for being the best out there

As I wrote b4 tht bcuz of EM problems i stopped playing guts everyday n replaced it with videoslots(big mistake) but as yesterday guts got on icloud n everything seems sorted i deposited n plyed to test, today again as midnight approached n my fun time came I looged in to guts to deposit my usual 20-25 quid for doa as with em gone i was back at guts, videoslots failed to retain me

I pressed deposit n realised i have 150 cash(no wr, no bonus rules), i cn withdraw it, turns out i won Guts b'day lottery n wht a surprise

Other casinos wont give a tenner n if thy do thn u wager n wager n lose

why its gr8 is because i hve only made 4 deposits at guts in may i think of about 20 each n withdrew 153 as well n overall i must be close to being in profit if not already am n thy give me 150 which is equal to my 7- deposits

Thanks guts for appreciating ur players n hope ur business grows even more

other casinos plz learn how to treat players

Happy b'day n thnx guts n team guts


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Wtg :) yep they sure are 2nd to none, was hoping for a cashdrop here as i did few deposits with no luck :)
this weeks winner are not up there, but maybe they add them manually first, again congrats :thumbsup:


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Yes they certainly done them selfs a favour by leaving EM,

I do not deposist there as much as I would like to, Been saying for years that I got to stop jumping around and stick to just a few and not happened yet :)

Not only do they put alot of effort into the site to make sure us players are happy but they also have a big impact on the forums also which is good and puts players at ease, Hope your getting paid well, Ben / Tony :)


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Just a shout out as Tony and Guts helped me with a withdrawal and to get something set up today on a Saturday!:eek: I did not think anything was going to happen till Monday so was blown away.:thumbsup:


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I wasn't too pleased about the deposit problem on Monday and wasn't shy voicing my annoyance about it here.

So I think it's only fair to give them props for the GOOD things they have done since Monday. such problems when I made my next deposit on Thursday :thumbsup:

Live chat....nightmare on Monday night/Tuesday morning.....working great on Thursday :thumbsup:

Lag on MG games....WHAT lag? OK, there were a few spins that were laggy, but only 1 or 2 seconds of lag. Not the 30 seconds that you would
sometimes get for 6 consecutive spins on the EM platform. The improvement here alone is HUGE. :thumbsup:

Lag on other games....well I didn't have any lag issues, even while they were on EM, so that's even more of a non-issue now.

Like spintee said, I hope Ben and Tony (and anyone else on their team who did plenty of overtime this week) are getting paid well.
They certainly all deserve it.


Grats on the Bday Win, deposited so much, had hoped for a win, no joy!

Not sure when the draws are done, daily or weekly ?

And yes Guts is awesome! :)