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I always said these guys are great, I thought I had an email but my butter fingers deleted load of emails & did not know what bonus was on offer from what site,

I log on to guts and ask did I have any bonus deposit offer, As people will know I not ask for frebies and did not ask for free just if any bonus was on offer due to my deletes in my inbox, I was told I had 25% up to £50 or a 200% up to a £100 :) plus 25 free spins on shitburts, But the chat said let me check if your still eligible for the free spins, I said keep them I not want spins on that, I not want to think I playing knowing I had free spins on the worst game on earth,
Cut a long story short if you do not as you do not get, I am not one for asking and nether would of done if I not delete my inbox & would nether of known about the bonus, I do deposit there so not like I was new,

Help was second to none, I have a thing about CS & do not like most of them due to not now there head from there feet, but I take my hat of to some including guts, not just because of the bonus but have some saying about adding bonus and abit of weight to to do stuff, Nothing worse than CS that can not take a piss with out asking permission,

I had a good talk with the peeps behind spin casino the other day, They was great but do not be fooled, x6 max cash out on on deposit bonus? I know why they was nice and that is to intice you to play,

Any way going to try my luck,

Happy spinning


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Nice one Tez!

Yeah I pop onto Chat once every say 4-5 deposits and ask if there is a 'deposit related percentage' bonus of any description, had it more often than told no which is nice to extend play time on sessions which start poorly.

I tend not to ask for total free's very often at all unless I've had an evil ongoing losing streak and even then feel embarrassed asking :oops:

I always make a point, especially in this day and age to advise players NEVER to close or SE (unless they're doing it for good!) with the snowball and mountain of problems it can go on to cause, however the 'Spin Casino' you mention is where I made allowances and broke my own rule.

Clueless doesn't even come close.....