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Feb 22, 2001

Just in time for the season of giving, new mobile poker game released

Ace online and land international player Gus Hansen will be pleased that the Gameloft software developers have delivered his new Million Dollar Poker mobile game in time for the season of giving. The game has been under extensive development and testing (see previous InfoPowa report) and was released this week.

Million Dollar Poker featuring Gus Hansen is targeted on mobile phone gaming users and is claimed to be the only mobile poker game that integrates a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) to give opponents an uncannily real tactical ability.

The launch of the game is supported on the professional looking dedicated website, which has full details of the game and how it was developed, including the input from Hansen who not only lends his image and reputation to the product, but used his poker knowledge and skills to help design the AI used in the game.

A respected online high-stakes cash game player, and with four World Poker Tour championship titles as well as a first-place finish in the 2007 Aussie Millions, Hansen (33) has much valuable knowledge and experience to donate.

"The embarrassing thing is that I am yet to complete the game," Hansen wrote on his blog this week. "It takes a lot of skill to master the game's artificial intelligence as we wanted to create a game that offered a real challenge."

The Gus Hansen Mobile Game website reveals that a psychological dimension was applied to the AI that allows the software to study its opponents, remember their moves and strategise effective responses. According to developers Gameloft, the game also has more than a million unique opponent profiles, guaranteeing a high level of probability that any player's gaming level can be matched, and that the player is unlikely to ever meet the same "opponent" twice.

The key features of the game are:

* Next-generation AI developed with Gus Hansen

* TV-like effects that give the player a realistic, subjective view to reveal the players' cards, TV host, TV camera view and renowned locations

* Integrated function that can create one million different opponent profiles

* Three main modes: Exhibition, Career and Heads-Up duels

* Career mode allows players to participate in various types of tournaments to win enough money to access the most profitable poker events.


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May 29, 2004
I have tested out the mobile poker offering from Aces Royal on my Nokia over wi-fi. Have to say it's quite impressive, but I reckon mobile poker is a way off being a major money maker, not least because mobile Internet technology needs to catch up.

At the moment playing poker on the phone is frustrating - its slow because people have varying connection speeds, plus you drop out from time to time. I found that after a drop-out I couldn't be bothered to go back through the rigmarole of signing in when generally speaking, I was only ever an hour away from my PC which is a far smoother experience.

The same applies to mobile casino games. I think it will take off one day, and I think it's good to get into any market early and establish a presence, but I'd give it at least a couple of years before it makes an impact IMO. Probably more.

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