Guess who I met?


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Jun 11, 2007
new york
Just the other day I was visiting a friend in Buffalo, NYShe lives in the quiet suburbs right outside of the city where there is usually not too much to do However when we were driving down one of the streets we saw a huge crowd of people and a bunch of kinds playing roller hockey. I thought that usually people dont block off a road and crowd around a bunch of children for no reason...there has to be something more going on. So we parked the car and made our way over to check the scene out. As it turns out 3 of the Buffalo Sabres; Andrew Peters, Derek Roy and Patrick Kaleta were playing hockey right in the street with the rest of the kids. I asked around and was told that they were helping fundraise for a nearby camp! Later on of course I got to meet the Sabres; who all seemed to be pretty cool guys and told them how great I thought it was for them to give up a night and spend it with children to help fundraise money! It makes me happy to know that athletes with money still make efforts to volunteer and spend time in their community. Just thought you should know!

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