grumpy as hell ..anyone else had this problem


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ive had some rotten luck in nedplay the one casino I never seem to win has now become a quest to get something from them lol

I deposited 150 yesterday got up to 225 then decided I would cashout my profit ..

went to bank and tried to withdraw but now I had 50 bonus money in my idea where it came from but it was there and I ccould not this wasn't a deposit bonus as they only do the 25 match once a month and I had already used that this month...

now I love a bonus just like anyone else...but it seems a tad unfair adding a bonus to a cash balance ...which then stops me cashing out till bonus played not saying the bonus was added to stop me cashing out...jus tthat its timing sucks..and that it should not happen

I tried to contact chat reps on casino but it just kept timing out ..


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Have you solved this yet?

You know it's the same livechat you reach from the other of their casinos and from their website so somewhere it has to work.
Maybe a little late in the day to reach any reps in here...but Mark usually drops in all hours so try sending him a pm.


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not solved yet....have dropped a pm to jonathan ....never thought of using the CS reps on 32red or dash....good idea that...

most unlike you :p


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sometimes you just have to phone them


from Great Britain: 0800 279 0687 (freephone)
Germany: 0800 0005 139 (freephone)
Holland: 0800 9494 618 (freephone)
Australia: 1800 234 060 (freephone)
Canada: 1866 902 0499 (freephone)
Japan: 00663 381 2265 (freephone)
All other countries: +350 20059759

32red group should have no probs sorting it


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all sorted now..seems someone added a comp but didn't notice I was already online and playing ..these things happen

thanks to mark at 32red for sorting it out so fast

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